simPRO gains peace of mind with automated daily backups and Smart Alerts powered by OwnBackup
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Serving 7,000+ customers running thousands of projects across the globe, simPRO lives and breathes data. Any significant loss would be crippling for the business. To protect their business and customers, they trust OwnBackup.
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Backup and Recovery
  • I would 100% recommend OwnBackup to other businesses running Salesforce.
    Madeleine Coutanceau
    Senior Systems & Salesforce Admin
  • The implementation was a breeze. Just the click of a button with permissions and setups. Simple and straightforward.
    Madeleine Coutanceau
    Senior Systems & Salesforce Admin
  • Now with set-and-forget daily data backup and Smart Alerts, I’m in the loop and have peace of mind that everything can be restored immediately if needed.
    Madeleine Coutanceau
    Senior Systems & Salesforce Admin

Backup and Recovery


As a software business, simPRO’s data is everything; any major disruption would mean hundreds of lost sales, orders and customer support cases.

With 300+ internal users — and thousands of records added daily, from sales, marketing and support — downtime would be crippling for the operation.

Previous backups were done through a weekly manual export process that left the business vulnerable to costly gaps if there was an outage in between exports.

Lack of audit processes made checking old transactions or rolling back upload or download errors complex, if not impossible.


Fully restoring data using previous methods would take days, even weeks, but with OwnBackup they can restore the last snapshot in minutes.

A set-and-forget process runs daily incremental backups and weekly full backups at scheduled times after hours to avoid any disruption.

Automated alerts of mass data import or deletions above a set threshold enable admins to quickly confirm legitimacy of data, and roll back and clean up data if needed.

When sales reps question missing records or need historical data for compliance, granular audit trails make it easy to confirm details in minutes.

OwnBackup is also integrated with simPRO’s continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) to protect and backup data even during development.

Free from worrying about backups, system administrators can focus on more strategic and value-adding initiatives.

About simPRO

With features for office and field, simPRO’s cloud-based software solution is designed for end-to-end service, project and maintenance management to help you manage operations and grow your business.

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