Pihlajalinna's development team innovates freely with the knowledge that their data is securely backed up.

Pihlajalinna offers high-quality social, health and welfare services in their own medical centers, hospitals, dental clinics, sports centers and housing services throughout Finland.

Moving to Salesforce as their master system of record, Pihlajalinna keeps their data protected and recoverable with OwnBackup.

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Tampere, Finland
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Backup and Recovery
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Sandbox Seeding
  • With OwnBackup we can be sure that no matter what we do with our data in Salesforce we are able to fix possible mistakes easily.
    Lauri Hakanpää
    Development Manager at Pihlajalinna
  • OwnBackup is the most critical component in our system - I don’t know how people operate without it!
    Lauri Hakanpää
    Development Manager at Pihlajalinna


  • More operational data moving to the cloud prompted the need to backup the data and ensure it can be recovered.

  • Data Recovery plan that was in place put the company at high risk due to no backup or restore in place.

  • Custom objects and key sales data; accounts, leads, contact and opps, losing the data would be mean losing everything.

  • Users were very shy to make changes to data in the fear they would make mistakes, create issues or worse, lose data they really need.

  • Manual work with CSV files and data loader was cumbersome and time consuming.

  • Need to meet strict compliance regulations with GDPR and HIPAA.


  • With OwnBackup no matter what happens with their data in Salesforce they are able to fix mistakes and data is reverted quickly and easily.

  • Helped the developers to work faster and smarter.

  • With Enhanced Sandbox Seeding the dev team is able to populate sandboxes easily just with few clicks and get not only certain records but also relations between records.

  • Bye bye manual work with CSV files and dataloader :)

  • Anonymization option is mandatory to avoid using sensitive data in development environments–making adhering to regulations more streamlined and avoiding costly fines.

  • Data is the most important thing in the system–and now it’s protected and safe.

  • When complex issues arise, Customer Support from OwnBackup is fast and issues are resolved quickly.

Pihlajalinna + OwnBackup

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About Pihlajalinna

Pihlajalinna is one of Finland’s leading providers of social and healthcare services. We offer high quality social, health and wellbeing services at our private clinics, hospitals, dental clinics, fitness centres and housing services across Finland. We build services that focus on keeping people healthy. It is easier, more inexpensive and lighter for the body to keep a person healthy rather than cure an ill person.

Our aim is to challenge habitual patterns and continuously provide our customers with better service. We want to be a responsible industry pioneer that provides rapid and easy care. Our aim is to ensure that you feel better at every stage of your life. Long live life!

*Retrieved from pihlajalinna.fi

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