Messer divests data from an existing org and migrates into a brand new org knowing their data is protected at every step

Messer Americas is a leading industrial and medical gas company serving North and South America.

Data mishaps are recovered in a matter of hours restoring data quickly with OwnBackup.

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  • OwnBackup fosters a more collaborative partnership between the technical team and the business–heated situations are quickly diffused with facts and evidence.
  • With OwnBackup IT has evidence that we have a robust system and support in place for the business.
  • OwnBackup helps us determine and resolve issues easily and quickly with less disruption.


To ensure a successful divestment, Messer Americas required a backup solution be in place to reduce the potential for data loss during the org divestment process.


Peace of mind during the org migration process.

Post divestment, OwnBackup elevated the credibility of Messer’s internal IT organization by creating a more collaborative environment between IT and the Business. 

Investigative tools provide evidence that helps Messer quickly determine what the issue is and come to resolution in a more collaborative environment.

Now if things go wrong, they can speak to the business teams from a position of knowledge and bring better options to the table.  

IT delivers proof they have a robust system in place to support the business.

When data mishaps occur, Messer recovers in a matter of hours, keeping the sales operations team in business.

Stuff Happens!


The sales dashboard was accidentally deleted - oops!


The error was time-sensitive as the sales dashboard was a critical element of an upcoming sales meeting. The sales team would have been frustrated and the IT team would lose face.

How the Salesforce Admin saved the day!

The team was able to quickly find the missing dashboard, recover it, keeping sales happy, and saving the IT team from embarrassment and a very uncomfortable conversation.

Messer + OwnBackup

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About Messer

A leading industrial and medical gas company serving North and South America
Messer Americas represents the world’s largest privately held industrial gas enterprise. Drawing on a rich heritage of industrial gases expertise, we deliver quality gases through an extensive distribution network and offer over 120 years of experience across industrial, medical, electronic and specialty gases.
We are ready to grow with you, combining our in-depth understanding of industry trends, customer requirements and market insights with our unrivaled technical development capabilities to innovate game-changing solutions.
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