Medtronic Accelerates Data Recovery and Seeding Operations

OwnBackup Earns Medtronic Over $250,000 in Efficiency Gains

By partnering with OwnBackup, Medtronic was able to empower their highly-skilled, Salesforce- certified resources to focus on more important business problem solutioning. In just one year, Medtronic leveraged OwnBackup’s Backup & Recovery and Sandbox Seeding products to earn over $250,000 in efficiency gains. This estimate was based on employee hours spent manually:

  • Exporting, saving, and archiving .CSV files
  • Restoring in the event of a data loss or corruption
  • Replicating sandbox data using data loader

Automated daily backups were one of Medtronic’s critical requirements.
OwnBackup was able to provide impactful capabilities for data backups and beyond.

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Backup and Recovery
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Sandbox Seeding

Medtronic was experiencing three Salesforce data challenges:

Challenge #1:
Time-Consuming Backup Processes

Before having a backup and recovery solution in place, Medtronic was manually backing up their Salesforce data with monthly .CSV exports. Each month, multiple admins would use several laptops to download approximately two hundred 500MB Zip files onto a secure shared drive within Medtronic’s network. The admins would then rotate out the oldest set of exports based on the company’s data retention guidelines. This process would take over 50 hours per month.

Challenge #2:
Difficult Data Recovery

With near-term plans to consolidate some of their Salesforce orgs, Medtronic was concerned about an increased risk of data loss or corruption. If this were to occur, recovery with .CSV files would be time-consuming and difficult—further reducing resource efficiency and increasing costs. Furthermore, metadata was an additional backup effort, using more time and resources outside of the monthly .CSV exports for data. This was a major concern before undergoing org migrations, and prompted Medtronic to seek out a more comprehensive backup and recovery solution.

Challenge #3:
Slow Data Seeding

During their search for a backup and recovery solution, Medtronic identified the need for faster data seeding. Specifically, data seeding to sandboxes was becoming painful once two or more objects were needed. Every time this needed to be done, it required multiple VLOOKUPs between each of the Salesforce IDs.

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Proactive Data Change Alerts

Within their Salesforce environment, Medtronic ensures the minimum number of users are given delete permissions. Even so, some of these users have accidentally deleted the wrong records. Whether the deletion was correct or not, Smart Alerts give Medtronic the ability to catch data modifications quickly. If the deletion was inadvertent, Medtronic can easily restore with OwnBackup.

Rapid Data Compare for Org Consolidations

OwnBackup has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes Medtronic to consolidate orgs. The company leverages Compare to ensure features are brought in correctly from a previous org to the new one.

Accelerated Sandbox Seeding and Anonymization

Medtronic leverages Sandbox Seeding and Anonymization to operate multiple proof-of- concepts at once while minimizing the risk of exposing personally identifiable information to third-party vendors or other groups within the org.

OwnBackup is now the global standard across all Medtronic departments and divisions using Salesforce.

  • As Medtronic continues to transform its digital strategy, OwnBackup will play a pivotal role in allowing us to innovate with the peace of mind that we can roll back to previous data and metadata versions, spin up sandboxes with anonymized data, and comply with HIPAA by protecting personal health information.
    Matthew McGarry
    Senior Principal Salesforce Technologist at Medtronic

About Medtronic

Medtronic is among the world’s largest medical technology, services and solutions companies – alleviating pain, restoring health and extending life for millions of people around the world. Medtronic employs more than 90,000 people worldwide, serving physicians, hospitals and patients in more than 150 countries. The company is focused on collaborating with stakeholders around the world to take healthcare Further, Together.

OwnBackup + Medtronic

OwnBackup is now the global standard across all Medtronic departments and divisions using Salesforce.

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