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Glenmede complies with data regulations while speeding up its development process with OwnBackup

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For the financial services industry, strict regulatory requirements set by both the FTC as well as the OCC state that a portion of a customer’s data must be stored for a specific period of time. These requirements only elevated concerns Glenmede had that data could become susceptible to inadvertent loss or corruption.

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Backup and Recovery
sandbox seeding
Sandbox Seeding
  • The recovery and restore functionality of OwnBackup was one of the key benefits. You have the ability to very intelligently restore and recover data unlike other products on the market.
    Scott Eng
    Salesforce Architect
  • We were doing ok with the tools that we had on hand before we had OwnBackup. But those tools were really lacking in the ability to restore data and recover it if we had to. We did a brief analysis to estimate how long it would take to actually restore data with the tools we were using and the realization was ugly.
    Scott Eng
    Salesforce Architect
  • As a financial services company, the data we’re keeping is sensitive. If something were to happen to a customer’s private information or legal documentation- well, that would be tragic.
    Scott Eng
    Salesforce Architect

Backup and Recovery

Glenmede gives its Salesforce power users a safety net with OwnBackup


Scott Eng, Salesforce Architect at Glenmede, had used the Salesforce weekly export in the past and knew that for Glenmede to meet regulatory requirements, they needed a more scalable solution.

“We were downloading a ton of zip files and putting them somewhere else, which was just a waste of time for developers and administrators for only one week worth of data in a format that's not easy to recover from.”

As a smaller team focused on building additional capability within the platform, Scott and team give their end users power user capabilities, allowing them to create and manage accounts, handle leads, and utilize opportunities. With just over 400 users empowered with full platform functionality comes the potential hazard for a human error to occur. What would happen if a bulk update was completed incorrectly? This was one of the key use cases identified as a potential data loss scenario.

“I’d actually experienced that at previous jobs. And we looked at our current backup process and thought we need to be able to do both: backup as well as quickly restore in the event someone accidentally deletes or changes data.”


With OwnBackup’s backup and recovery, Glenmede is able to comply with regulations while being prepared in case of a data loss incident.

“OwnBackup, as a cloud-based backup solution, takes disaster recovery to a new level. We don't have to worry about where data is located like we would with an on-premise data center.”

With their backups stored in the cloud, Glenmede no longer has to manually verify that they’ve copied over all the data correctly. They’ve vetted and trust that their data is securely in the cloud and in OwnBackup.

Real Life Example

Glenmede was going through a process to delete records they thought they no longer needed. Part of the business information they store includes datasets from outside sources and one of those datasets was cluttering up their contact records and was no longer being used.

Turns out, we may have jumped the gun and we actually needed a subset of those records kept in the system. Because of OwnBackup, we were able to very quickly recover all of those deleted records over a weekend, restoring all the records, all the related records, and all the relationships-- in a fraction of the time compared to a manual restore. You could say that OwnBackup worked as advertised! - Scott Eng, Salesforce Architect
sandbox seeding

Sandbox Seeding

Glenmede tests with real data before going live to production

With OwnBackup’s sandbox seeding solutions, Glenmede is able speed up their development process.

Sandbox seeding has really made it much faster for us to spin up development environments and with real data.

For Glenmede, the ability to reproduce specific use cases from real data sets to test scenarios, or replicate a problem that's happening in production has been a game changer. Being able to seed the sandbox with actual data makes it easier for them to spin up a new sandbox or refresh an existing sandbox, quickly.


Glenmede has peace of mind that their data is secure. They don't have to police their power users and have a process in place to comply with federal regulations, saving them money on compliance costs and allowing more time for their team to work on priority projects.
“It’s incredible to have that level of trust in a system and in our team.”

About Glenmede

An independently-owned asset management company, Glenmede Trust Company offers actively- managed equity, liquid alternative, fixed income and ESG investing strategies.

As a wealth management company with several different divisions, Glenmede is committed to exceeding client expectations by ensuring all customer data is stored safely inside Salesforce and easily accessible. Glenmede offers a white glove service to their customers by being able to access that full account history in a moment’s notice.

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