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FCR Media Chooses OwnBackup for Salesforce Data Protection Peace of Mind During their Digital Transformation

FCR Media is the largest Belgian digital marketing agency for SMEs and the self-employed. By enabling businesses to be optimally findable on the Internet and social media, FCR Media boost its customer sales. FCR Media has 50 years of experience in the SME market. A team of experts creates and optimizes websites, videos, Google and Facebook ads, and much more every day. They have a partnership with Microsoft, and besides being a Google Premier partner, they are the only Bing Ads partner in Belgium. FCR Media customers can count on the expertise of certified specialists and a team of digital experts that optimize the online presence of companies on various platforms, including goldenpages.be. Thanks to a customer and results-oriented approach of their 350 employees, FCR Media has around 30,000 satisfied customers in total.

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Antwerp, Belgium
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Backup and Recovery
  • OwnBackup is a must have insurance policy for every Salesforce customer. I can confidently say that our company is protected against user-inflicted Salesforce data loss.
    Steven Desmet
    IT Director at FCR Media Belgium

FCR Media Completely Replaced Legacy Systems with Salesforce and Other SaaS Applications

During their digital transformation, which took place over a period of a year and a half, FCR Media replaced 30 different legacy applications and systems with Salesforce and other connected SaaS applications. For FCR Media, Salesforce is the epicenter of all of their internal teams and integrated applications.

FCR Media now runs the majority of their business on Salesforce, including the full sales cycle, order processing, and billing. Salesforce supports most internal policies for FCR Media, acting not only as their CRM platform, but also, together with applications from Salesforce’s Appexchange, their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

FCR Media Needed to Minimize their Business Risk with a Comprehensive Data Protection Solution

Considering the copious amounts of data stored within Salesforce and the numerous applications relying on that data, FCR Media quickly realized that having no backup and recovery strategy would put their company in serious risk. FCR Media needed access to all of their data 100 percent of the time to maintain crucial workflows and business continuity.

In an effort to minimize business risk, FCR Media sought an independent backup and recovery solution that could function seamlessly with Salesforce, but would store their backups outside of Salesforce. The solution needed to be able to restore both data and metadata quickly and on- demand, while also allowing FCR Media to access their data if and when necessary.

OwnBackup + FCR Media

“FCR Media needed access to all of their data 100 percent of the time to maintain crucial workflows and business continuity.”

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FCR Media Invests in a Seamless Data Backup and Recovery Solution

FCR Media has secured data protection peace of mind with OwnBackup’s ability to automatically backup and quickly recover lost or corrupted data, metadata, and attachments directly through OwnBackup’s easy-to-use interface. Other stand-out OwnBackup capabilities that FCR Media leverages include:

"FCR Media needed access to all of their data 100 percent of the time to maintain crucial workflows and business continuity."

  1. Quick and trouble-free data backup and granular restore that maintains data relationships

  2. Easy data compare

  3. Smart Alerts to alert them of data or metadata modifications made within Salesforce

OwnBackup enables FCR Media to continue their digital transformation on top of Salesforce without the business risk of permanent data loss or corruption.

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