Essilor International, the world's largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, chooses OwnBackup to secure its data


Essilor International is a B2B2C company that serves both its customer-partners (opticians) as well as the end customer. They use Salesforce to improve sales follow-up and provide better support to their network of 10,000 partner opticians (order follow-up, supply, etc.).

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Backup and Recovery
  • Most people underestimate the importance of having a backup. There is confusion about the cloud. Just because it's a cloud, doesn't mean it's magic.
    Franck Dupuy
    Salesforce Architect
  • Recently, a team who had developed a new program noticed a small data corruption. If we hadn't had OwnBackup, we would have lost a lot of time due to the development error.
    Franck Dupuy
    Salesforce Architect
  • The overall feeling you get when using OwnBackup is simplicity. It's simple to set up a backup, simple to recover data, and simple to access information. It's in the spirit of Salesforce. you don't need to code or be a data scientist.
    Franck Dupuy
    Salesforce Architect

Backup and Recovery


Until recently the use of Salesforce at Essilor was fairly regional - each country and brand had its own use. In fact, as of 2018, more than 20 entities within Essilor had their own Salesforce contracts and orgs. That’s when Essilor streamlined licenses by moving from one contract per country to a single global contract, and pooled knowledge and best practices around Salesforce across the group, within Essilor's Salesforce Center of Excellence.

In the process of auditing the 20 Salesforce entities, Essilor found that only 1 of the 20 was using the weekly export and that none of the other organizations were doing anything to back up their Salesforce data. That discovery, along with the withdrawal of the data recovery service by Salesforce, provided the impetus for a new project around data backup and recovery.

Project challenges:

  • Pooling knowledge and tools so that everyone has the right solution and methods.
  • Making users responsible and aware of their share of responsibility for data in the event of alteration or loss.
  • Finding a solution that can be deployed quickly to the various entities, without prohibitive implementation costs.
  • Adopting a tool that is easy to use in the long term and that meets the requirements of both IT and business teams.


Even in the early stages of the project, the expertise and availability of the OwnBackup team were felt in the exchanges with the Essilor teams.

Even though the solution is very simple to deploy and use, OwnBackup's experts were the driving force behind its implementation, alongside Essilor's employees. Onboarding and discovery sessions to present the Recover solution were set up to guide the implementation of the backups.

The solution and the quality of the interactions with the OwnBackup team helped to establish a climate of trust and serenity:

  • A backup and restore solution deployed at group level for all entities to better monitor, anticipate and resolve problems related to data loss/alteration.
  • Reactive customer support, available 24/7 and rapid assistance in all emergency avoid any interruption of activity.
  • Regular meetings with the Essilor team to exchange best practices around data protection.

About Essilor International

Essilor International is a French company with over 170 years of research and innovation in the design, manufacture and marketing of corrective lenses and ophthalmic optical equipment.

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