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Dale Carnegie restores data in record time using snapshot searches
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The technology team at Dale Carnegie, led by the VP of IT, Chris Addeo, provisions and supports systems for their franchisees and employees around the world. This includes multiple enterprise-ready platforms, like Salesforce, that require a specific skill set and resources.

Managing these systems at the corporate level removes technical responsibility from the franchisee, enabling them to focus on the business and, most importantly, the customer.

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Backup and Recovery
  • Between Dale Carnegie Corporate and franchise employees, we have about 800 Sales Cloud licenses in use within our Salesforce org today. The need to protect this information is critical for many different roles within the business.
    Chris Addeo
    VP of IT
  • Even with the most complicated restore, we've done it in less than three ‘hands-on’ hours. With the OwnBackup solution, we have easily replaced the prior manual solution, with something much more efficient.
    Chris Addeo
    VP of IT

Backup and Recovery


Before OwnBackup, Chris and team used Salesforce’s export feature. This process, which they ran weekly, was sufficient at first. But the time it took to download the 20+ CSV files and retain them, Chris and team knew they’d outgrown the weekly export for backup and recovery.

As their environment grew both in usage and complexity, they quickly realized they’d need a more scalable solution.

“In the event a restore was required, trying to find a specific record within a sea of CSV files was difficult and time consuming. We needed a more robust and efficient solution. Sifting through CSV files wasn’t the answer, and you should never have to reach out to Salesforce and ask for a data restore.”

Chris made the decision to evaluate other providers and narrowed the solution down to two. After testing both, they found that one of the products was overlapping their backups, causing one backup to stall while the other backup started.

“We wanted to get more aggressive with our backups. In testing, one provider was unable to finish a snapshot before the next snapshot began, ruling them out a possible solution rather quickly.”

The other solution, OwnBackup, best fit their needs.


OwnBackup was the best fit because it:

Offered a test/trial environment to make sure backups ran successfully.
Worked with Dale Carnegie to help with restores.
Allowed Dale Carnegie to push their data live into production from their POC test environment.
Adhered to regulatory compliance protocols with the ability to forget records.
Provided a search feature that could pinpoint specific data and metadata, which isn’t offered by every vendor.


Managing requests from both the corporate arm of the business and the franchisees, Chris and team implemented a discovery phase to quickly get to the source of data errors.

“We often receive vague requests for data restores. For example, we’d hear, ‘I was looking for this specific lead record — I know they used to be a lead.’ And that's all the information we’d get. With OwnBackup’s search feature, we can easily search previous snapshots providing us with the clear direction needed to complete the ticket successfully.”

And on rare occasions, if a series of records was updated that shouldn't have been, Chris and team utilize the search and compare functionality to proactively source exactly what changed.

With OwnBackup, Chris and team went from restoring data in the double-digit hours to solving a problem in just a couple of hours.

About Dale Carnegie

For more than a century, Dale Carnegie and Associates has helped more than eight million individuals become fearless leaders through collaborative in-person and online courses in areas such as self-improvement, public speaking, leadership, sales and more.

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