Conga’s Salesforce Data Protection Weapon

Conga helps organizations to thrive in an automated world by delivering intelligent Contract Automation, Document Automation, and Sales & Support Automation solutions that drive business productivity through digital transformation and by automating everyday tasks. For over a decade, Conga has provided enterprise applications with superior support and industry expertise to over 600K users in more than 45 countries.

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Backup and Recovery
  • OwnBackup gave us a sense of confidence during our complex Org migration project. OwnBackup’s solution provided us with functionality not natively available in Salesforce. This allowed us to move forward with the project knowing that our customers’ data was secure. OwnBackup gave us a safety net in case we needed to roll back any large changes made throughout the entire course of the migration.
    Reese Bernier
    Salesforce Systems Manager at Conga

Scaling business and improving operations with Salesforce

Conga relies on the Salesforce platform across multiple departments, including sales, marketing, customer success, professional services, and business system integrations. Salesforce helps Conga integrate departments and their people work dynamically as a team.

  1. Automated daily backups protect against data and metadata loss and corruption

  2. Regular backups ensure data compliance and security

  3. Flexible recovery allows selective restore

  4. OwnBackup in action

Merging multiple Orgs and enterprise security

Over time, Conga acquired and merged with three other companies. This significantly grew the amount of data the company had and required them to merge three separate Salesforce Orgs into one, their current Org. The challenges Conga faced included merging data while maintaining relationships, avoiding data overwrites, and merging metadata, which had its own set of challenges because each Salesforce Org had different customizations that needed to be integrated.

Security became another major concern at Conga due to the lack of an effective backup and recovery strategy. Conga works with many organizations in the finance and healthcare industries. These, and other highly regulated industries, have additional regulatory requirements that require data protection measures, such as backing up sensitive data.

Complete backup, recovery, and regulatory compliance

When planning this massive project, Conga quickly realized the importance of an enterprise-level backup and recovery strategy. Before starting the project, they implemented OwnBackup on all three Salesforce Orgs. The merge project went smoothly and Conga was additionally able to stay compliant for healthcare and finance industry clients using OwnBackup daily backup.

After successfully implementing the multiple-Org merge project, Conga began removing duplicate data using a third-party app. The System Integrations team began getting complaints from users who had either lost data or had data with incorrect values. Using OwnBackup Compare, the team quickly found that 3,000 records had been overwritten. With OwnBackup Recover, Conga was able to recover just the corrupted data by going to the backup from the day before and selectively restoring just those 3,000 corrupted records.

OwnBackup + Conga

Conga relies on the Salesforce platform across multiple departments, including sales, marketing, customer success, professional services, and business system integrations.

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OwnBackup provides the fastest all-inclusive backup in the industry

Conga’s data and metadata, including custom objects and relationships, standard objects, chatter feeds, knowledge articles, person accounts, orphaned records, and attachments were all protected by OwnBackup through a daily backup service. When data was accidentally lost, Conga was able to save time by selecting the data it needed to recover, in this case, rather than a full-org or a fine-tuned field-level recovery, Conga recovered its data at the record level in just a few clicks.

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