Cargill’s Food Ingredients and Bio-Industrial Division ramps its growth with confidence, knowing its data is always secure

At Cargill, a global privately held company with over 160,000 employees, everything begins with their purpose to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.

The Food Ingredients and Bio-Industrial Division (FIBI) of Cargill, sought to transform the customer experience through the deployment of a common Salesforce platform. Digital Transformation to drive a customer 360 view created global complexity around Salesforce and automation. It became more critical to have a data protection platform to ensure the security and availability of its data.

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Backup and Recovery
sandbox seeding
Sandbox Seeding
  • Now that Cargill is using OwnBackup we never have to worry about data loss again. If we have an issue, we can quickly compare and restore the data all but eliminating any data downtime.
    Kim Gandhi
    Customer Experience Strategic Product Owner
  • Restoring data is the critical component, but OwnBackup does so much more. It drives value on a daily basis.
    Paul Kobs
    Portfolio Product Manager for Salesforce

Backup and Recovery


  • Using the CPQ solution to streamline the quoting process, CPQ is driven off the data in Salesforce so it became critical to preserve the integrity of the quotes for the commodity traders on the floor.

  • Weekly Salesforce backups were cumbersome and time consuming. The FIBI team wanted an automated system with built-in alerts.

  • It was difficult to track the activities of complex, global teams with hundreds of people working in Salesforce sandboxes.
  • The team needed a new set of tools to better understand what’s going on, what is changing within the environment over time in order to better support the business needs. 

  • Needed to ensure accurate data so it could negotiate the best deals for both Cargill and its customers.


  • OwnBackup works as advertised and delivers fast time to value. The team installed and set it up in 30 minutes.

  • It gives Cargill a secure foundation to accelerate its digital transformation and Customer 360 vision. 

  • With data and metadata compare tools, teams can see what’s changed and trace issues, meaning problems are solved quickly and accurately.

  • Having the right tools in place strengthens the partnership between IT and the business units and enables them to do what’s best for the Cargill customer overall. 

  • Year over year, OwnBackup provides peace of mind that the data will always be there.
  • It used to take a significant amount of time to get a sandbox set up. Now it's very easy to do — we deliver it within an hour.
    Paul Kobs
    Portfolio Product Manager for Salesforce
sandbox seeding

Sandbox Seeding

Cargill has flex teams around the world that regularly parachute into projects for a few weeks at a time. Efficient and reliable sandbox seeding is critical to this approach.


  • Development teams were tired of inefficient processes and spending time fixing errors. They wanted to shorten the time to business value.

  • Cargill’s development teams had limitations in their sandboxes, such as refresh intervals, data and storage limits, and broken data relationships. These time-consuming hurdles needed to be eliminated. 

  • With several projects in flight at all times, IT needed to be able to back data out of a sandbox if something didn’t go as planned.

  • It took too long to set up a sandbox for contractors. The company couldn’t afford to have outsourcing slow down projects.


  • Cargill embraces innovation with development teams that seed sandboxes quickly to deliver business value

  • Even large, complex teams now run multiple initiatives and system projects simultaneously, with confidence. They know that if things break, they can quickly restore data.

  • Business teams can commit to project timelines with confidence. They know it’s easy to spin up multiple sandboxes and use the time savings on other key projects.

  • Sandboxes can be delivered within an hour, so when parachute teams show up ready to work, there’s no delay. Efficiency is within reach.

  • Agility has increased now that development teams move in and out of innovative projects quickly. It means they realize business value faster.

Cargill + OwnBackup

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