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Canadian Cancer Society Protects Mission-Critical Data During New Org Implementations
Canadian Cancer Society is a nonprofit organization focused on the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society has an ambitious vision: to create a world where no Canadian fears cancer. In pursuit of this mission, they organize and fund a number of programs focused on preventing cancer, research on all aspects of cancer, information for people who need it, and of course support for people who are diagnosed.

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Backup and Recovery
  • We’re thankful that OwnBackup stepped up to help us protect our data as we quickly implemented a new Salesforce org for our COVID-19 fundraising campaigns. If an accidental data loss happens, we know that we can eliminate guesswork about what went wrong and go back in time to restore the exact data we need.
    Grant Newbury
    Director, Information & Solutions Management at Canadian Cancer Society

Adapting to COVID-19

Canadian Cancer Society is a large charity with diverse funding that ranges from monthly donations to large in-person events like Relay for Life. The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on traditional fundraising channels.

In response, Canadian Cancer Society has had to rapidly transform their operations by:

  1. Canceling or moving live events to virtual events like Relay at Home.
  2. Transitioning employees and in-person fundraising to the home with call-based campaigns.

As part of the Salesforce Care program, Canadian Cancer Society was able to implement a free production org. The program also allowed them to replace their traditional phone system with a Salesforce-integrated system.

Canadian Cancer Society is now running several of its mission-critical fundraising activities through Salesforce, uncovering a need for a cloud data protection platform.

Eliminating Data Downtime

Canadian Cancer Society understood that most SaaS platforms like Salesforce require shared responsibility for keeping data safe. While these platforms provide reliability and security controls, customers are responsible for the errors and corruption they create.

Throughout the new org implementation and beyond, they needed to protect their data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.

After considering the Weekly Export, which wasn’t sufficient for restoring in the event of a data loss, and building their own data backup solution, which would have consumed a lot of time and resources, Canadian Cancer Society reached out to OwnBackup, a solution they were already using for their other Salesforce orgs.

To help during this challenging time, OwnBackup provided their service free of charge for short term pre-implementation of this new org. In light of the rapid nature of this project, Canadian Cancer Society’s team appreciated the effortless onboarding OwnBackup offers. Even with no backup experience, their team could immediately start protecting their critical data with their first backup.

OwnBackup + Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society is now running several of its mission-critical fundraising activities through Salesforce, uncovering a need for a cloud data protection platform.

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Canadian Cancer Society is now able to move at the speed of innovation without risking access to the Salesforce data that drives their life-saving cause forward.

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