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Automated backups give Bupa Dental a reason to smile knowing their data is protected
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Treating thousands of patients each day in 220+ dental practices across Australia, Bupa Dental trusts OwnBackup to protect, secure and back up data stored in Salesforce.

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Backup and Recovery
  • For me the biggest benefit is the confidence knowing that even if there’s a corruption or accidental deletion, we can quickly restore any lost data.
    Genuine Basil
    Technology Strategy & Architect Consultant
  • The setup was fast and simple. It took less than a day with the help of OwnBackup. Ongoing management is really easy with a user-friendly interface.
    Genuine Basil
    Technology Strategy & Architect Consultant
  • The automation and alert features mean you can be certain that the backups are happening, while the audit and rollback tools let you fix any issues if they do occur.
    Genuine Basil
    Technology Strategy & Architect Consultant

Backup and Recovery


With a unified view of data centralised on Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, there is no room for compromise on data integrity or security.

The previous backup was a manual, multi-step process of downloading and saving separate files, and a full restore could take days, meaning data added since the last backup was at risk.

Without automation, the backup process was less frequent and open to human error, and a lack of audit trail made identifying and rectifying issues complicated.


Rather than invest in building their own solution, Bupa Dental chose OwnBackup for its functionality, secure encryption and data centres.

Since OwnBackup is an end-to-end platform that runs without needing manual intervention, there’s less risk of backups being forgotten or delayed.

Administrators receive automated alerts of mass data deletions or inputs so they can immediately investigate any suspicious activity needing intervention.

Without any infrastructure or software to manage or update, IT staff have more time for strategic activities and can spend less time worrying about data.

About Bupa Dental

An international health and care company serving millions of customers globally, Bupa's purpose is to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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