Azbil North America Accelerates “Human-Centered Automation” with OwnBackup Data Protection for Salesforce
Azbil North America Is Committed to “Human- Centered Automation”

Azbil North America is an affiliate of Azbil Corporation serving a wide range of industries in North America with industrial automation and control products since 1996. Products and services include instrumentation, control valves, factory automation components, and engineered thermal solutions for the semiconductor industry. In 2006, Yamatake Group formulated its new group philosophy and azbil brand symbol, reflecting their commitment to realize safety, comfort, and fulfillment in people’s lives and contribute to the global environment through “human-centered automation.”

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Backup and Recovery
  • OwnBackup plays a key role as a force-multiplier in Azbil North America’s digital transformation. We use this backup and recovery solution to safeguard our Salesforce data and, more importantly, the many customizations that could be lost in a catastrophic event if we were dependent on the default recovery methods.
    Gavin DeFreese
    Director of Marketing at Azbil North America

Azbil North America Continues to Implement Salesforce Customer 360 Products

Azbil North America continuously implements new Salesforce products. For instance, they recently implemented Salesforce CPQ, a system that helps sellers quote pricing for complex and configurable products, and Pardot, a marketing automation platform. Imminently, Azbil North America will implement Salesforce B2B Commerce to help develop a customer-facing platform that can dynamically adapt to client needs for optimal service and value.

Azbil North America Realized Their Salesforce Data and Metadata Was At Risk

As Azbil North America continued to expand their Salesforce footprint, they realized their critical business data, applications, and, most importantly, their unified customer experience could be at risk if a user-inflicted data loss or corruption were to occur.

Furthermore, with so much focus on Salesforce development, metadata, namely configurations and custom code, are critical to Azbil North America.

To reduce their risk and maintain business continuity, Azbil North America sought out an independent backup and recovery solution that could function seamlessly with Salesforce. The solution needed to be able to restore both data and metadata quickly and on-demand in the event of a data loss or corruption.

Azbil North America Safeguards Salesforce Data and Metadata with OwnBackup

With OwnBackup, Azbil North America has invested in a comprehensive Salesforce data and metadata protection solution that includes daily, automated backups, advanced compare, as well as granular and complete recovery. Azbil North America was very pleased with the simplicity of OwnBackup’s seamless, 15-minute implementation process. Right away, OwnBackup helped Azbil North America simplify and speed up the process of backing up data, metadata, attachments, and relational data.

In addition, during both day-to-day operations and transformative projects, Azbil North America leverages Smart Alerts to ensure no unexpected data or metadata changes go unnoticed. Azbil North America now has peace of mind knowing they can seamlessly and efficiently restore both data and metadata if a user-inflicted data loss or corruption were to occur.

"Azbil North America now has peace of mind knowing they can seamlessly and efficiently restore both data and metadata if a user-inflicted data loss or corruption were to occur."

OwnBackup + Azbil North America

To reduce their risk and maintain business continuity, Azbil North America sought out an independent backup and recovery solution that could function seamlessly with Salesforce.

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Azbil North America Is Required to Maintain a GDPR-Ready Backup and Recovery Strategy

Azbil North America puts compliance, security, and data privacy at the forefront of everything they do. GDPR, as well as stringent internal data privacy and security policies, mandated Azbil North America to select a Salesforce data protection partner that could help them protect data and comply with GDPR across all their Salesforce backups.

Azbil North America also required a Salesforce partner solution that was Privacy Shield certified since they were in the process of incorporating Privacy Shield as part of their GDPR strategy.

"A prerequisite for success is trial and error. With OwnBackup, trying new things in Salesforce is effortless and stress-free."

- Gavin DeFreese, Azbil North America

Azbil North America Has a GDPR-Ready Backup and Recovery Strategy with OwnBackup

OwnBackup supports Azbil North America by enabling them to automatically generate daily, immutable backups for disaster recovery. Azbil North America’s documented disaster recovery process is easily maintained with OwnBackup. OwnBackup Find provides data transparency by helping Azbil North America quickly search backed-up data, including attachments, to locate the specific personal data to respond to Subject Access Requests. After locating a Subject’s personal data within backups, Azbil North America can easily forget, rectify, or export directly through the OwnBackup interface. Custom backup retention controls support Azbil North America in meeting their corporate risk tolerance for retention of EU Data Subjects in their backups.

OwnBackup is certified with Privacy Shield, which enables Azbil North America to keep their backups secured as required when transferring personal data from the EU and Switzerland to the US in support of transatlantic commerce.

Azbil North America Had a Time-Consuming Sandbox Seeding Process

Azbil North America actively leverages sandbox environments throughout their customization development processes. Azbil North America has been building configurations that work with their specific channels within Salesforce to ensure the products they provide are properly specced and placed into their correct final formats. To ensure the custom code deployments run smoothly, they needed to ensure their sandbox environments matched up with their production environments. This process was done through extremely complex spreadsheets, sometimes taking months to complete.

"OwnBackup helps us quickly replicate sandboxes during the implementation of newly developed features and for training purposes."

- Gavin DeFreese, Azbil North America

Azbil North America Speeds Up Development and Testing with OwnBackup

Azbil North America now has the support of OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding to populate their sandboxes with the perfect, anonymized test datasets in minutes, speeding up development cycles significantly and ensuring better testing accuracy before data is released into production. The ability to quickly and easily populate a Salesforce sandbox for realistic testing, as often as they please, speeds the development process and ensures a painless production rollout.

Azbil North America Accelerates Digital Transformation with OwnBackup for Salesforce

As Azbil North America continues to develop and grow, OwnBackup’s complete and comprehensive data protection offerings assist them with current initiatives as well as future digital transformation projects. OwnBackup enables Azbil North America to continue their “Human-centered automation” initiatives on top of Salesforce without the business risk of user-inflicted data loss or corruption.

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