Athena Home Loans keeps loan and revenue cycles rolling with OwnBackup

Athena Home Loans is one of Australia’s fastest growing FinTechs.

Enabled by a modern digital platform data is at the core of their business. Athena satisfies stakeholders and manages their risk in a much smarter way with OwnBackup.

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Sydney, Australia
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Backup and Recovery
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Sandbox Seeding
  • As a digital business, our data is at the core of everything we do. We would cease to exist without it. With OwnBackup, we can ensure business continuity to our stakeholders.
    Peter Georgiou
    Chief Technology Officer at Athena
  • With OwnBackup, we are managing risk in a much smarter way with lower effort and lower costs.
    Peter Georgiou
    Chief Technology Officer at Athena


With Salesforce powering its business, Athena required a robust, low-maintenance data protection solution-one that their current backup tool wasn’t providing.


With OwnBackup, Athena reduced their risk of losing loan data and eliminated complex, manual data recovery and restore processes. Now when a data loss or corruption event occurs, the company can maintain business continuity. 
Engineering team relies on OwnBackup to maintain the privacy of customer data during sandbox seeding so they can develop and innovate faster.

Athena + OwnBackup

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About Athena Home Loans

Athena Home Loans launched in 2018 on a mission to change the home loan industry for good. They know life is too short for a home loan and are actively helping Australians pay down their home loan faster.
Athena is challenging the status quo with a whole lot of Australian firsts. Their unique funding model combined with a modern digital platform enables them to pass more savings onto our customers and still provide superior returns for investors.

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Athena Home Loans keeps loan and revenue cycles rolling with OwnBackup.
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