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Alleviate the stress of errors and accidents

Being directly responsible for your company’s CRM platform can be a heavy burden, since any data loss ultimately falls on you. What if you could remove that pressure and fix data loss or corruption issues almost as soon as they happen?

With OwnBackup, you can. We instantly notify you of any anomalies based on rules that you define or even abnormalities detected by the system. And if you need to restore data, you can go back in time to recover the exact data you need without rolling back all of your records.

Speed up dev cycles with less risk

When deploying any no-code or low-code enhancements, you must balance the desire to release new features with the negative impacts of preventable errors making it into production.

With Enhanced Sandbox Seeding, developers can define, fine-tune, and automate the replication of precise subsets of data from production or other sandboxes, then quickly seed them to Developer, Developer Pro, or Partial Sandboxes with identical metadata.

  • Our organization lived without backups for years, but after metadata corruption that affected our entire production org, we realized we had to do something about it. In addition to knowing our data is safe, this product became indispensable for us because of numerous hours it saved us on everyday tasks.
    IT Developer Architect, CRM & Marketing Systems at a Manufacturing Company
  • The backup service is incredibly intuitive and easy to configure while still offering granular control over every aspect of the data/metadata backup. Amazing staff and support. As a dev, OB gives me complete peace of mind when I am modifying large amounts of data with batch.
    Salesforce Developer III at a Financial Services Company
  • [OwnBackup] not only gives you peace of mind by doing backups (data and metadata) daily for multiple environments, but you can use these backups in incredibly useful ways other than just store information... You can use them to compare orgs or backups and you can use them as ways to seed or replicate...
    Salesforce Administrator II at a Software Company
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