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Compare Salesforce

When you discover a Salesforce data loss or corruption, you don’t always know the cause. More often than not, the first step to recovery is figuring out the total extent of the data loss. Be the first to understand what data was changed and find lost data quickly before your users start calling.
Screenshot of OwnBackup's Data Changing Report Service

Visualize Data Changes

Backup and Data Change Reporting

OwnBackup Immediately Identify Changes Icon Immediately identify data additions, modifications, and deletions, even if you’re not sure when the changes occurred.
OwnBackup Reduce Recovery Time Icon Reduce recovery time (RTO) significantly.
OwnBackup Micro-Level Insight Icon Drill down further into data changes for micro-level insights.

Compare Backup Snapshots

Every Level of Data and Metadata

Review data and metadata side-by-side to see what has been added, deleted, or changed. For example two backup snapshots of your entire Salesforce Org, or individual sObjects and their related sObjects.

Screenshot of OwnBackup's Compare Backup Screenshots Service