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ZenConnect Ensures GDPR Compliance with OwnBackup

Atida Bakst
Digital Marketing Specialist
November 28, 2018

Earlier this month, Josie Chiles, Senior Director of Salesforce AppExchange Product Marketing, conducted an App Talks episode with ZenConnect Co-Founders, Yann Mercier and Olivier Marnac, as well as Yohann Lecornet, CTO and CIO of ZenConnect, to discuss their data protection journey and what led them to partner with OwnBackup. The interview took place in Paris, France at the ZenConnect headquarters. 

ZenConnect is a full-service provider of networks and wifi infrastructures for B2B, middle-market companies. Their client’s are within the retail, transportation, and education industries. As a rapidly-growing company, ZenConnect strives for best-in-class solutions in order to reach their goal of being the leader in their sector. Partnering with OwnBackup allowed ZenConnect to not only provide peace of mind in protecting its Salesforce data, but also ensured they meet the strict demands of GDPR.

As they began preparing in 2016 for GDPR enforcement, ZenConnect set out on a mission to implement their extensive information systems on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Cloud products house almost all of their customers’ information, from customer contacts, customer names, and business information to methods of contact, insights, and ticketing information. When they began implementing these systems, ZenConnect immediately noticed the criticality of having a comprehensive backup and recovery solution in place to protect this vital customer data.

ZenConnect chose OwnBackup as their data protection vendor because OwnBackup’s solution allowed them to modify and extract client data without violating GDPR. OwnBackup makes it possible for ZenConnect to search for a singular piece of data within a large-scale data set, and restore data in a timely fashion, defined by the GDPR as 30 days.

In fact, ZenConnect did receive a GDPR Subject Access Request after purchasing OwnBackup. Yohann Lerconet mentioned how “fun” it was to be able to respond to a Subject Access Request on time and deliver the necessary information from their backups to the client without spending hours searching for the data. They explained, a moment that could have been high stress, ended up being fairly simple thanks to OwnBackup.

GDPR was not the only aspect of OwnBackup that attracted ZenConnect. OwnBackup’s new OwnBackup Archiver product will be a fundamental component to their business, positively impacting both their own initiatives and their external requirements. OwnBackup Archiver will help optimize ZenConnect’s Salesforce platform by archiving data and attachments that were no longer needed in production, helping to address regulatory compliance, and improve performance.

In the App Talks interview, Yann Mercier, Co-founder of ZenConnect, mentioned, “All data is critical, I think that is the spirit of GDPR.” Mercier noticed the need for a scalable solution that acted as a security blanket for ZenConnect in the case of an accidental data loss or corruption.

OwnBackup helped meet ZenConnect’s fundamental requirements with the help of their efficient and powerful backups that can backup data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As of today, ZenConnect has migrated all of their services to Salesforce, including support, SaaS and project and field services, with the support of OwnBackup’s easy-to-deploy platform. Implementing OwnBackup allowed ZenConnect to reach data protection peace of mind, ensuring constant data protection in case of a user-inflicted data loss or corruption while simultaneously helping ZenConnect stay in line with GDPR requirements.

For a more detailed description of the ZenConnect journey with OwnBackup check out the full video here.

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