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Preserve Your Data with Confidence: Why Data Archiving is Essential During Economic Uncertainty

Christie Clements
Product Content Marketer Specialist
April 25, 2023

During times of economic downturn, every business initiative is going to be under the financial microscope and your data protection efforts are no exception. Between growing SaaS data and tightening budgets, it’s only natural to be wondering: How do you protect and maintain the integrity of your data without going into the red? The answer lies in data archiving. In this article, we cover why archiving is essential for data management longevity, especially in times like these

Lower costs without lowering standards

SaaS data is growing at an unprecedented rate. CyberSecurity Ventures predicts there will be over 100 zettabytes (or a trillion gigabytes) stored in the cloud by 2025. Turns out, your data volume isn’t the only thing adding up– your storage costs can too, if you aren’t careful. 

In Salesforce, each record in your org holds weight against your storage allowance/limits. Given that storage is not unlimited, you’re financially on the hook if you exceed your data and file storage threshold. In times like these, you want a comprehensive view of your spend, without any unanticipated financial surprises, like additional storage costs. 

With data archiving, you can feel confident that your data–and your dollars– are going where they are supposed to. Archiving transfers unused data from a live SaaS production environment to a static location, freeing up precious storage space. By taking legacy data out of live production, you’re reducing storage costs–along with financial headaches down the road.

Make compliance a top priority

While economic winds may shift, compliance is an evergreen responsibility. If you’re in a highly regulated industry, like healthcare, financial services, or the public sector, data compliance rules and regulations dictate the success and longevity of your operations. And, they're far from a ‘one-size-fits all’.  Between maximum retention periods, data removal requirements, designated retention periods (and more), checking all of your compliance boxes can be a lengthy, resource-draining process– if you don’t have the right solution. 

During an economic downturn, the impact of compliance infractions can be felt even more. Non-compliance can bring on heavy regulatory fines and legal fees–major financial expenses that your company wasn’t accounting for. Non-compliance can have more than financial repercussions–but reputational ones as well. In times when meeting revenue goals have never been more important, you don’t want to put your customer’s trust in jeopardy. 

So, how can you ensure that compliance is always a top priority for your organization? Source an automated archiving solution that allows you to create custom archiving policies and custom retention limits that will safely remove your data from Salesforce. This way, you can manage your SaaS data efficiently and consistently, knowing that compliance as a priority is always baked in. 

Ensure high system performance

Uncertain economic times are laden with variables that are out of your control. When it comes to your data protection, it’s important to take action around what you can control, starting in your Salesforce environment. 

Having an organized, clean live production environment keeps your team and system operating at its best, which is especially important now. If your live production org is cluttered with old information, files, and data that aren’t in use, users are forced to weed through a bloated system to find what they are looking for. This takes time away from the job that they are supposed to be doing, hindering overall productivity. An overrun production org can also cause performance issues for search, reporting, calculations, and more, slowing down operations as a whole. 

With data archiving, you can declutter and relocate obsolete data to keep your Salesforce system–and the teams using it–tidy and efficient. It’s important to source an automated archiving solution that lets you archive the right data, automatically. This frees up your team from performing the manual archiving legwork: logging in to Salesforce, executing the queries, and then doubling back to make sure that no data was lost or deleted in the process. Data archiving makes it possible to ensure a high performing Salesforce system, allowing your business to continue to run smoothly–regardless of what’s happening in the outside world. 

Preservation without reservation with OwnBackup

In today’s economic climate, every business decision–and every dollar tied to it–matters. Therefore, it’s critical that you’re honoring your data’s management lifecycle while maximizing savings. This is possible with OwnBackup Archive. Our automated archiving solution allows you to effortlessly define, automate, and manage archiving policies, putting you in the driver's seat to make and maintain policies that achieve your objectives. And, Archive makes savings a reality. According to OwnBackup customer data, the average OwnBackup Archive customer achieves a 72% net saving in storage costs. 

To learn more about how to create and execute a data archiving strategy, download ‘A Playbook for Data Archiving Success.’


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