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Uncomfortable Conversations: Who's on the Hook for Data Loss?

Mitch Gouss
VP of Alliances
July 23, 2020

Data doesn’t just drive your business—it is your business. Losing access to SaaS data can mean losing everything: reputation, revenue, and productivity just to name a few. Additionally, the risk and costs of accidental data loss can multiply the longer your Salesforce data is inaccessible.

Let’s pretend: Disaster strikes. You’ve lost data.

Here's a true story about one company that later became an OwnBackup customer:

Jason, a VP of Sales was cleaning up some account duplicates, when he mistakenly merged six separate Accounts into one single Account. It didn’t take long for the Account Executives on those six accounts to notice that their sales commissions had disappeared. Jason immediately turned to his Salesforce management team to help him recover from the data corruption. Sandy, the Salesforce Admin restored the Accounts from the Recycle Bin, but could not find and re-associate the commission records.

Who is ultimately responsible?

Even technically sophisticated leaders with a direct stake in Salesforce data falsely assume their data is safe and can be easily recovered after a disruption. Like most SaaS platforms, Salesforce is not responsible for protecting you from Salesforce user-inflicted data loss and corruption. YOU are responsible for building a complete technology foundation that includes comprehensive backup and recovery.

In a data loss scenario like the above example, it's not just the VP of Sales and Salesforce Admin who should take responsibility. Here are the roles that should take responsibility for data protection within an organization:

C-Level Technology Leaders

Takes a macro view on how the organization should deploy and manage technology. They're also accountable for major disruptions to technology supporting the business. They absolutely DO NOT want to look incompetent after messy data disruption. 

Avoid this embarrassing situation by having these conversations now rather than after a data loss.

  • Is our Salesforce data not backed up?
  • Worst case, how long will it take us to recover?

Salesforce Platform Owners

A Salesforce data disruption looks like a massive unforced error and this role is most often on the hook to clean up the mess.

Platform owners should ensure their data protection platform helps avoid these conversations:

  • Did we just overwrite all the data?
  • Those P1 initiatives; they’re going to have to be put on hold.
  • I need that data restored NOW!

Compliance Leaders

Often unsure that a current approach to managing compliance will be sustainable in the face of change. These leaders are directly accountable for the organization’s compliance with government regulations. They're also deeply aware of the trend toward greater regulation of business’ data governance practices.

Avoid an embarrassing situation by having these conversations now rather than after a data loss:

  • If we got audited now, how would we do?
  • Do we have a backup on a second site?

Non-Technical Senior Decision Maker

Data disruptions are existential threats to the business.

They're deeply concerned about business performance, stability, and resilience. They might only have a superficial understanding of data protection.

Avoid an embarrassing situation by having conversations now rather than after a data loss.

  • Is our Salesforce data not backed up?
  • Worst case, how long will it take us to recover?

Don’t assume that because your Salesforce data is in the cloud, it’s protected.

Consider OwnBackup, a cloud data protection platform that proactively prevents you from losing access to mission-critical SaaS data, so you never have to worry about data loss disrupting your business—or your life.

  • Most OwnBackup customers recover lost or corrupted data in less than one day, compared to 7+ days for most non-customers.
  • OwnBackup restores data to our customers’ production environments 250+ times per month.
  • OwnBackup customers feel 3x more prepared to restore from a data loss or corruption than non-customers.

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