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Security Solutions for Salesforce at HIMSS ‘21

Brian Olearczyk
Head of Security Sales
July 29, 2021

RevCult is now OwnBackup Secure! In 2021, OwnBackup acquired RevCult, enhancing the cloud data protection platform with proactive data security. With OwnBackup Secure, you will strengthen security posture by understanding data exposure risks and proactively taking action to protect and secure your data -- all within Salesforce.


The RevCult team is attending HIMSS ’21 this year, the Global Health Conference & Exhibition, and will be exhibiting in the Cybersecurity Command Center to showcase our Salesforce Security solutions for Health & Life Sciences organizations.

Given the conference theme, “Be the Change,” the RevCult team is excited to be at the event in person, and to take part in the Cybersecurity Command Center, highlighting the increased awareness of the need for discovery of security solutions across the industry. As leaders in Salesforce Security, we’ll be demonstrating innovative solutions that help bridge the gap between InfoSecurity and Salesforce DevOps teams to secure sensitive PII/ePHI data which provides patient information privacy and trust, helps organizations comply with regulations, and builds operational resilience.

With a focus on information and technology, where professionals throughout the global health ecosystem connect for education, innovation and collaboration, we’re also looking forward to presenting a Cybersecurity Command Center Session (Theater B), What Salesforce Security Risk Assessments Revealed - 5 Key Findings HLS InfoSecurity Leaders Can’t Afford To Ignore

Given that Salesforce is increasingly coming into scope for InfoSecurity teams at all levels, especially in light of compliance and audit issues that require closer scrutiny of data security measures on the platform, we look forward to sharing new insights, solutions and tools for implementing, managing and proving Salesforce security controls.

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