Backup and Recovery

For Scotts-Miracle Gro, Data Peace of Mind is Priceless

Mike Melone
Content Marketing Manager
April 25, 2023

Scotts-Miracle Gro is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and sellers of consumer lawn, garden, and pest control products. To provide customers with the best possible service, stakeholders across the business use a host of Salesforce products, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Pardot, and the order management system. 

Leading the team that manages all of these applications is Todd Stalter, the company’s Director of their Salesforce COE (Center of Excellence) and Mulesoft. 

Several years ago, after a significant Salesforce outage, Todd realized that Scotts-Miracle Gro needed a new approach to backup and recovery- one that didn’t store backups on the Salesforce platform. So, he began searching for a solution that would provide independent backups and deliver the other requisite functionality that the organization needed to protect its data. 

At Dreamforce that year, Todd made it a point to do his due diligence on backup and recovery solutions. While there was no shortage of options to choose from, he kept coming back to OwnBackup. Not only did they provide the functionality he needed (including independent backups separate from Salesforce), but he was also encouraged by OwnBackup’s partnership with Salesforce and the fact that Salesforce invested in OwnBackup. To Todd, this indicated that OwnBackup was always going to be at the forefront of innovation and functionality in the backup and restore space, and it gave him confidence knowing that that partnership existed.

Shortly after the conference, Scotts-Miracle Gro officially switched backup providers and became a customer of OwnBackup.

While the Salesforce outage was the catalyst for Todd switching backup providers, Todd acknowledged in his interview with us that data loss and corruption can happen in far more commonplace ways.

“Data corruption doesn’t always occur because of a catastrophic outage on the Salesforce platform,” explained Todd. “It can also occur because of gaps you have in your security model. Those types of gaps can give users access that they may not realize they have and allow them to perform actions against your data that have unexpected outcomes. I had this occur in my last role where one user accidentally updated several thousand records in our account object.”

By partnering with OwnBackup, Todd ensures that their business won't be disrupted if data is accidentally lost or corrupted. “One of the great things about OwnBackup is that it just does what I need it to do,” said Todd. “As the leader of this team, I want my data to be backed up regularly and consistently and be able to restore easily if I need to. And fortunately, that doesn’t have to happen often, but in the event that it does, I know that it’s there, and it’s that simple.”

Watch the interview now to learn more about Todd’s experience with OwnBackup.

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