New: Build Seed Data Faster with Levels Template

Selma Chang
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
December 26, 2022

As companies race along the path of digital transformation, keeping up with the pace of innovation can be challenging. Admins and developers in particular are constantly prioritizing requests from across the business which can be difficult, especially with shrinking teams.  And even when economic times are tough, projects don’t seem to slow down. That’s why ensuring a seamless release cycle, with minimal inefficiencies, is crucial to delivering functionality on time and without errors. 

To help teams increase developer velocity and build better quality experiences into their Salesforce org, OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding allows admins and developers to precisely seed and anonymize data in sandboxes to effectively test functionality before pushing to production. With Sandbox Seeding, teams can create ideal testing environments for faster innovation. 

We’re committed to providing the best experience for our customers and finding faster, easier ways to help them build seed data so they can focus on building the best Salesforce experiences. That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest enhancement from OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding - Levels Template.

A simpler, faster way to seed

Let’s face it - whether you inherited a Salesforce org or the responsibility to manage seed data has fallen to you,  it’s difficult to know your schema well enough to build seed data quickly and easily. 

Levels Template is a simpler, faster way to create seed data - with no expertise required. When you create a new template, you can now choose to build a template based on object level.  Rather than selecting each object and choosing each individual related object, Levels Template allows you to select a range of related objects. By selecting the desired object level depth, the seed template absorbs the object’s children, grandchildren- down to your selected object level.

Fine-tune your objects: With Levels Template, you can further fine-tune your seed data by including any non-mandatory parent objects and excluding any child objects not relevant to your seed data. With this capability, you’re starting with more and slowly chipping away until you end up with your desired seed data.

Ready, get set, seed: Once you’ve selected the object parameters, you just sit back while we build the template for you can obtain an estimate of the seed data size before you seed to your sandbox. Once you’re comfortable with the seed data size, publish directly to your sandbox to start building!

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