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Salesforce is Reintroducing Their Data Recovery Service. Here’s What You Should Know

Matthew Hutchison
VP Product Marketing
March 18, 2021

Update: As of December 2021, Salesforce has once again retired its Data Recovery Service!

Last year, Salesforce announced that they were retiring their last-resort Data Recovery Service because it did not meet their high standards of customer success and trust. 

Just last week however, they reversed their decision to end the Data Recovery Service, effective immediately. As Salesforce explains, “the Salesforce community had pointed out that Data Recovery Service’s value lies in its very existence and knowing it is there in the event of an emergency.”

So what exactly does this mean for you? In short, not much. To understand why, let’s review what you get with the Data Recovery Service and explore the other backup and recovery solutions that are available.

What is the Data Recovery Service, again?

Data Recovery is a service that Salesforce provides as a measure of last resort should you experience an irretrievable data loss, and is not intended to be a backup and recovery solution. While the service is better than having no recovery options at all and may provide some peace of mind, it has several notable limitations:

  • Salesforce does not guarantee that this service will successfully restore 100% your data
  • The files that you receive will include data, but no metadata
  • The process of recovering your data takes approximately 6-8 weeks
  • The data will be returned in CSV files, meaning that you will still need to manually upload back in to Salesforce
  • The service costs $10,000

Other native options provided by Salesforce

In addition to the recently reintroduced Data Recovery Service, Salesforce continues to offer other native backup options to its customers.

Weekly Export

Salesforce’s Weekly Data Export enables you to download a set of CSV files once a week for a specified set of standard or custom objects. You are then responsible for storing the files in a secure location where, if needed, they can be located in the event of data loss or data corruption. If that happens, there is a very specific set of steps that must be followed to restore the data. Like the data recovery service, this is complicated and time-consuming because you have to restore data relationships contained in many .CSV files contained in a .zip file. Also, the file does not contain metadata.

API/DiY Export to Data Warehouse

Another option customers have is to export their data to a data warehouse. Again, this is a backup step, not a recovery strategy. The exports are typically done for very specific data, not all data, and there are no notifications to alert you that the data being exported is corrupted. In most cases, the only time you’d truly know whether the data was exported correctly is when you try to recover it.

Sandbox Refresh

In addition to being ideal environments for performance testing, load testing, and staging, Salesforce sandboxes are sometimes used as a data backup solution. The reason this is not recommended is because sandboxes can only be refreshed every 29 days, meaning anything created in the last 30 days has not been backed up. Furthermore, refreshes need to be submitted manually; and once you refresh a sandbox, the old version is gone. This means that you don’t have any historical backups beyond the last full sandbox refresh.

Salesforce AppExchange solutions

While major data losses and breaches tend to get the headlines, the vast majority of data issues are easily resolved as long as there is a proactive backup plan in place. Which brings us to the other backup and recovery option available to you: a partner solution from the Salesforce AppExchange.

As Salesforce notes, “These partner solutions go beyond the capabilities included in Weekly Data Export and Data Recovery Service, driving more trust and extending the value of the Salesforce Platform.”

We encourage you to explore Salesforce AppExchange partner solutions, such as OwnBackup. Over 3,000 customers recognize the value of taking a proactive approach to data loss identification and protection, making OwnBackup the number one provider on the AppExchange.

Why customers choose OwnBackup:

Easy to implement. From the time a customer logs into the system to the time they’ve kicked off their first backup is measured in minutes. Although we have an astounding support team available to help whenever needed, most customers can expect to be self sufficient. 

External web app. OwnBackup stores their customers’ backed up data outside of Salesforce.This means if Salesforce goes down, customers still have access to all of their data.

Automated backups. OwnBackup is a completely automated system- we remove the burden of backups. Once customers configure the solution to backup an environment, we take care of the rest, regardless of what changes.

Customizable retention. We provide 25 years of storage for daily backups, and 99 years of monthly backups. Monthly backups are complete backups of the target, whereas daily backups—or synthetic backups as we call them—are incremental. They only pick up on the changes since the previous backup.

Unlimited storage. There are no storage limits to your backups, regardless of how large the organization’s environment is. 

Meet RPO and RTO objectives. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we help customers attain their RPO and RTO objectives. By backing up all of your Salesforce data, metadata, and attachments daily, OwnBackup minimizes the amount of data your organization will lose, or RPO, as well as the time it will take to recover, or RTO.

 To learn more about OwnBackup, request a demo below.

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