Remove Old Veeva Data or Stay Compliant? You Don't Have to Choose.

Matthew Hutchison
VP Product Marketing
August 11, 2020

By creating a 360-degree view of the customer and tracking every interaction, Veeva CRM revolutionizes how pharma and life sciences companies engage with and deliver content to healthcare professionals. Not surprisingly, following all of these interactions generates volumes of data.

This wealth of information created by CRM platforms like Veeva is just one example of a more significant trend. According to the IDC Data Age 2025 report, healthcare data will experience an annual growth rate of 36 percent through 2025, the most substantial increase of all of the industries analyzed in the report.

While all of this data helps deliver insights to improve the patient experience, it also presents challenges to the organizations managing it. Over time, data’s value diminishes (it's less relevant) and becomes more difficult to navigate (there’s more of it). But before merely removing this obsolete data forever, pharma and life sciences organizations must find ways to remain compliant with strict data retention guidelines posed by regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

You Couldn’t Get Around this Veeva Data Challenge...Until Now.

OwnBackup Archiver equips Veeva customers with robust, highly secure tools to automate and manage custom data retention policies. These tools help pharma and life sciences companies manage an abundance of data. But it’s Archiver’s unique ability to address industry-specific data challenges that make it especially valuable for Veeva customers.

For example, for compliance purposes, Veeva has several built-in fail-safes to prevent the deletion of call data (Call2 objects) that may impact application functionality and data preservation. Until now, there was no way around these triggers, meaning that this data continued to add to a Veeva org's storage capacity.

Archiver solves this by understanding the Veeva data model and properly relocating all parent and child call records as a group before removing this data in Veeva. Archiver allows Veeva admins to relocate older data not needed on a day-to-day basis and stay compliant with the various data retention regulations mentioned earlier.

Streamline Data Governance and Compliance

How will you manage all of the highly-regulated data populating your Veeva org? With Archiver, you can preserve data in archives with customizable retention policies and simplified compliance and reporting.

  • Simplify data compliance. Create and manage custom archiving policies for specific data sets and define the minimum and maximum retention periods to store immutable replicas of Veeva records and attachments securely.

  • Improve performance. Relocate legacy data that may cause performance issues like long wait times for fields to populate and pages to refresh. Plus, improve the responsiveness of operations like search, reporting, dashboard rendering, and other critical tasks.

  • Minimize storage costs. Manage storage limits without permanently deleting data that no longer provides day-to-day business value. Preserve data for as little or long as required with unlimited off-platform storage. 

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