Backup and Recovery

Protect Your Salesforce Data Throughout Reopening

Mike Melone
Content Marketing Manager
August 4, 2020

After months of working remotely, you’re finally opening your doors and welcoming employees back to the office--albeit with a few changes. While there are still lots of unknowns, you feel more confident knowing that you have Salesforce’s new and their suite of resources to help you navigate this new normal.

How will you ensure the surplus of new employee data, including sensitive PII and health data, is secure and compliant with regulatory requirements?

Here’s how: OwnBackup can help eliminate data downtime and streamline compliance during your implementation and throughout your reopening on the platform.

Get Complete Protection

The risk of accidental data loss or corruption during a major Salesforce implementation or migration can be high. With OwnBackup, you can protect your data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery during your implementation and beyond.

Receive Instant Alerts

During any Salesforce migration or implementation, data, metadata, and attachments are continually being added, changed, or removed. OwnBackup Smart Alerts™ make you the first to know about data anomalies so you can investigate further and correct them before your users even notice. Data and metadata alerts can be especially useful to protect against rogue integrations to your new org.

See the Difference

OwnBackup takes the guesswork out of managing your Salesforce data. The OwnBackup Compare feature includes visual graphs illustrate how data changed over time, making it a snap to pinpoint when unusual behaviors occurred. Use this capability during a implementation in two ways:

  • Compare a production backup to a sandbox backup before deployment to avoid failures by identifying any new validation rules or workflows in production.
  • Compare two production backups to locate any unexpected data or metadata changes that may have occurred between two points in time.

Restore with Precision

Having a backup plan in place won’t do you any good if you can’t restore your data quickly and efficiently. With OwnBackup, you can go back in time to restore the exact information you need. Restore a single record, multiple records, or every record from any backup in your history.

Simplify Data Compliance

Many regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and SEC 17a-4, require unchangeable backups. There’s no excuse for accidental data loss or corruption, not even during a new org implementation like OwnBackup supports data backup compliance, giving you peace of mind that your org will stay compliant and meet all required regulations.

Innovate Faster, with Less Risk involves new operational processes that employees are going to have to learn and adopt. Populating a Salesforce sandbox with useful data is a great way to train new users on before accessing production. OwnBackup’s Enhanced Sandbox Seeding tool makes this easy by allowing you to seed perfectly sized, relevant data sets to Developer, Developer Pro, or Partial Copy sandboxes from production orgs or other sandboxes.

Eliminate Data Downtime with OwnBackup

During your implementation, protect data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery. OwnBackup proactively prevents you from losing access to mission-critical Salesforce data, so you never have to worry about data loss disrupting your business—or your life.

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