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OwnBackup is Partnering with Supermums to Empower Women With the Latest Tech Skills

Jo Birtle
Director of Field Marketing
October 25, 2021

Although the technology sector continues to be one of the fastest growing industries, it sadly lags behind the rest of the job market when it comes to hiring women. The pandemic certainly hasn’t helped, with research stating that women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to the crisis than men’s jobs.

To help close this gap, we’re delighted to announce our recent partnership with Supermums and our sponsorship of their Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course. Supermums is a social enterprise and a registered Salesforce Partner helping to train and empower women with the latest technology skills. Their mission is to equip mothers with in-demand skills to help them bounce back from the economic disadvantages created by the pandemic.

Filling the digital skills gap

While individuals, as well as many industries, faced their biggest challenges ever from the pandemic, tech thrived. Already growing at 2.5 times the rate of other industries, tech has seen an even bigger boom as digitalisation takes a bigger hold, with many of us still working remotely. 

Salesforce figures to be a key contributor to that growth, as the global CRM leader estimates that they will create 9.3 million jobs globally by 2026.

Still, despite all of this growth and opportunity, the digital skills gap continues to accelerate. That’s why Supermums believes the best way to tackle unemployment is to help women retrain in the most in-demand skills that employers want, aligned to where there are talent shortages.

Equipping trainees with in-demand skills

The Consultancy Skills Course specifically, which OwnBackup is sponsoring, equips trainees with valuable skills such as business analysis, agile project management and change management. 

By sponsoring this course, we’re eager to educate trainees about the growing need for data protection and the options available in the market today. But more importantly, we look forward to training more people in essential digital skills and helping them to progress into meaningful employment opportunities.

Empowering job seekers in tech

At OwnBackup, we’re providing many employment opportunities of our own, as we’ve grown from 300 employees to more than 500 in the past year. We’re working with one of our largest investors, Insight Partners, who is co-sponsoring SV Academy. Their mission is to empower 1 million underrepresented job seekers to forge a path in tech. 

If you’d like to learn more about Supermums, their #MumsSkillUp campaign aims to raise awareness and shine a light on resilient, flexible well-paid job opportunities that exist within the technology sector for women. You can learn more about the campaign here.

Interested in learning more about OwnBackup and our services? Contact us today.

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