This Is OwnBackup Archive for Salesforce

Matthew Hutchison
VP Product Marketing
March 9, 2020

What do a Salesforce Admin, Head of Customer Service, VP of Sales, and Chief Compliance Officer have in common? No, this isn’t a setup to a bad joke. All of these people rely on Salesforce to store millions of records that keep their business running. But the similarities don’t end there. Here’s how legacy data is affecting four Salesforce users we talked to: 

Gwen, a Salesforce Admin, told us she constantly battles against Salesforce file and storage usage limits. Twice in the past year, she had to go to the Head of Finance to request more money for storage space. The last time, he refused to pay the increased rate, telling Gwen that she was out of budget. Now she has to figure out what data she can delete without anyone noticing...and doesn’t know where to start. 

“I have to figure out what data I can delete without anyone noticing.” - Gwen, Salesforce Admin

Jim is the Head of Customer Service and has recently been feeling the effects of slow searches within Service Cloud. Jim’s customer service agents live in Salesforce. When a customer calls, the first thing they do is look up their case history. It used to take seconds to locate their records, but now the agents have to put customers on hold while pages load. Customers are getting frustrated by the delays, which isn’t the type of experience Jim and his team want to provide.

“Customers don’t care why delays are happening, they just want their problem solved.” - Jim, Head of Customer Service

Tom is the Vice President of Sales for a growing start up and is responsible for bringing in millions of dollars every month. To make that happen, he needs reliable data in Salesforce. He starts every morning reviewing Sales Cloud reports and dashboards - it’s how he manages his business. It took a lot of coaching to get his reps to put everything in Salesforce, but now they’re afraid to take anything out. Accounts are cluttered with outdated information, worrying Tom that it will cause a costly mistake.

“Accounts are cluttered with outdated information.” - Tom, Vice President, Sales

John is the Chief Compliance Officer at a global company that is required to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and hundreds of other stringent regulations and internal company policies. Not only is the company legally obligated to maintain secure and immutable data archives, they must delete data once it is no longer needed - even data that’s kept in Salesforce. Presently, John tracks an exorbitant amount of data retention policies for each relevant regulation in his calendar, but admitted to us that this manual archiving process keeps him up at night. 

“Our manual archiving process keeps me up at night.” - John, Chief Compliance Officer

Now imagine if these individuals had OwnBackup Archive. Their jobs would be a whole lot easier...and their data a whole lot safer. Let’s revisit each scenario again.

For Gwen, Archive made data storage limitations and costs ancient history. She can now monitor Salesforce data storage usage against prescribed limits and strategically archive data according to company policies to stay within thresholds.

After Jim installed Archive, he noticed a drastic improvement in Service Cloud search time. Now that they archive legacy data that was clogging their system, their customer satisfaction scores are on the way back up--along with his team’s productivity. 

By using Archive, Tom trusts his reports again, since his team was able to safely remove old data that wasn’t needed for their day-to-day sales activities. That way Tom and his team can focus on what they do best...closing deals.

For John, Archive simplified the process of implementing their data retention policies. They are now able to schedule automatic removal of obsolete data and data that must be purged from archives per industry and government regulations, as well as their internal policies.

Address compliance concerns, reduce storage costs, and optimize productivity with OwnBackup Archive

Did any of the stories in this post sound familiar to you? Are you a Gwen, Jim, Tom, or John?

If so, you might want to consider implementing a data archiving solution, like OwnBackup Archive. With Archive, organizations can effortlessly define, automate, and manage custom data retention policies that include specific data to be archived, how frequently data archiving activities occur, and how long archived data is retained.

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