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Virtual Event: How Three Industries Are Accelerating Their Digital Transformation on Salesforce

March 29, 2021

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has impacted almost all industries and sectors worldwide, including higher education, airlines, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, nonprofit organizations, the public sector, and many more.

Each of these industries is grappling with its own specific set of struggles, but many of their challenges—remote and virtual working environments, risk management, and business interruption—are shared ones.

Upon facing these challenges, many companies also came to a common realization: the need to accelerate digital capabilities to meet their customers’ and employees’ needs. While it’s easy to talk about digitizing operations, how can organizations actually make the shift? And what about the risks associated with moving all of this data to the cloud?

Watch Industries Week On-Demand

To hear how companies are accelerating their digital transformation on Salesforce and protecting their critical business data, check out our industry week event recordings which ran in April. This series of one-hour sessions highlighted a different industry each day- healthcare, high tech, and manufacturing- and brought together experts and thought leaders to address key topics and trends organizations face today. 

Here’s some more information on each session, along with links to watch on-demand.

How Salesforce helps medtech companies help healthcare professionals

Overview: Digitalization is fundamentally changing healthcare and every industry associated with it. As healthcare organizations continue to move massive amounts of data to the cloud, these companies’ concerns about protecting their data are coming to the forefront.

Watch the recording

industry week hls

How tech companies are building a foundation for recovery and resilience

Overview: With everything that’s occurred in the world in the last 12 months, digital transformation is happening faster than anyone expected. For many organizations, this means increasing the pace of innovation- but at what cost? For tech companies in particular who are expected to “lead from the front” when it comes to digital transformation, it’s especially important to protect the corporate data that is central to these efforts.

Watch the recording

industry week high tech

How manufacturers can build a foundation of resiliency through business continuity and CRM

Overview: 2020 was on track to be a year of smart data operations and realizing ROI for servitization in manufacturing. While there may have been some marginal gains there, it paled in comparison to the supply chain disruption and remote work pivot—both curveballs no one foresaw. And yet those are the trends that have left 60 percent of manufacturers still feeling an impact to operations to this day.

Watch the recording

industry week manufacturing
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