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Is Your SaaS Data Protection Solution Proving its Worth?: IDC’s ‘The Business Value of OwnBackup’ Study

Christie Clements
Product Content Marketer Specialist
January 25, 2023

As companies around the globe face economic uncertainty, there's one thing they can be certain of: tightening budgets. With spend and ROI under the financial microscope, it’s imperative that your third-party data protection vendor is delivering value that you can measure and articulate. 

IDC, a premier global market intelligence firm, recently conducted a business value study with 12 organizations that use at least one of three OwnBackup solutions (Recover, Archive, and Sandbox Seeding) for their Salesforce data. 

Here are the key takeaways: 

Backup performance and efficiency matters

Choosing the right third-party backup solution is full of important considerations, including backup performance and efficiency. Making the most out of your investment means you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. The IDC study found that customers using OwnBackup Recover and Archive performed 437% more backups and experienced 65% faster backups. With clarity around your data’s availability, compliance, and protection, you can articulate the importance of business continuity and results (a likely reason you went to market in the first place). 

OwnBackup helps you recover, faster

Whether you're a CISO or a CFO, experiencing loss–be it data or dollars– without the ability to recover is sure to keep you up at night. In tight economic times, an effective SaaS data protection vendor needs to demonstrate recovery benefits as strong as its ROI. This can be illustrated through reduction in data recovery times, faster metadata recovery, or reduction in time loss due to data loss. 

According to the study, Recover and Archive customers had a 47% reduction in the time impacted by data loss, along with a 71% reduction in average data recovery time. Given the critical role data plays in business operations, eliminating data downtime needs to be a top priority, and having quantitative answers around bounce back time will provide transparency for when you need it most.

Demonstrate staff efficiency and cost savings with OwnBackup

Saving money isn’t the only aim during periods of financial ambiguity– it’s also about saving time and improving efficiency across your organization. Therefore, it’s crucial to be able to show business improvements and results attributed to your third-party data protection vendor. 

Customers using a combination of Sandbox Seeding and Archive experienced a 12% productivity boost in data application development teams, according to the study. This equates to adding 1.3 full time employees (without actually conducting any hires) and resulted in an annual productivity-based business value of $127,400 per organization. Additionally, there was a 37% reduction in required staff time for customers who had Recover, Sandbox Seeding, and Archive. With OwnBackup, your valuable employees are freed up to work on other priorities that can ultimately advance your company’s objectives, enabling both protection and innovation.

OwnBackup takes the guesswork out of business value

While benefit and value are evergreen metrics, they hold even more weight during economic slowdown. When it comes to a third-party data protection vendor, you’ll want to know its impact on your bottom line before signing on the dotted line. With OwnBackup, you can feel confident that your data is protected, without compromising on value. In aggregate, IDC’s business value study found that OwnBackup delivered: 

  • 552% three-year ROI
  • 3 months to payback
  • 65% faster backups 

Are you ready to put the value of data protection into action? 

Download IDC's' The Business Value of OwnBackup’ and learn more about what proactive SaaS data protection looks like, and how we can help. 


Source: IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by OwnBackup, doc #EUR149856622, December 2022.


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