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​​Preparing for Operational Resilience- How OwnBackup Can Help Organizations Comply

Cam Skinner
Product Marketing Manager
February 17, 2022

By March 31, the UK's new Operational Resilience regulation affecting Financial Services firms will come into effect. If you aren’t familiar with the regulation and how you might be affected, you can read our previous blog on the topic here.

As part of Operational Resilience, there are several requirements set forth by regulators, which include identifying important business services, defining impact tolerances, and taking steps to mitigate the impact of any future operational disruptions.

Of these requirements, OwnBackup is uniquely qualified to help organisations implement mitigation strategies and processes to ensure data integrity, security, and resiliency against disruptions. Within Salesforce specifically, here are four ways OwnBackup can help you get your critical data operationally resilient. 


Classifying data by sensitivity level

When it comes to security, data classification can help facilitate proper security responses based on the type of data being retrieved, transmitted, or copied. Data classification often involves tags and labels that define the type of data, its confidentiality, and its integrity. The level of sensitivity is often classified based on how important or confidential it is, which then correlates to the security measures put in place to protect each classification level.

With OwnBackup Secure, you can isolate exactly where sensitive data exists in Salesforce and easily apply classification categories to that data, all without leaving Salesforce. This helps prioritise and structure how you’ll remediate data vulnerabilities. 


Identifying data exposure risks

Before you can strengthen your security posture, you must first understand your current posture. Because you can’t begin to improve if you don’t have a baseline of your data security risks. 

Using OwnBackup Secure, organisations can easily assess their current Salesforce security posture by understanding vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. These misconfigurations can include:

  • lax access controls
  • no data classification
  • poor encryption-at-rest execution or even no encryption at all
  • undefined data retentions policies
  • And finally, no way to prove compliance audits

As a first step to assessing your Salesforce security posture, you can take our free guided risk assessment here.


Remediating data vulnerabilities

Identifying data vulnerabilities is, of course, a critical step to strengthening your org’s security posture. But organisations must take the next step in protecting their data. And that begins with data encryption. 

Companies can proactively automate remediation of data vulnerabilities and their encryption blindspots using Platform Encryption Analyzer which comes in both OwnBackup Secure and OwnBackup Secure for Shield. And when you add Who Sees What Explorer, users can not only see who can view and edit access to data, but you’ll know exactly why they have that level of access. 


Minimising the impact of a data loss or corruption

While all of the security measures discussed above will surely enhance your overall data security posture, it won’t make your organisation immune from data loss or breach altogether. That’s why having a backup and recovery solution in place is critical. 

With OwnBackup Recover, you can implement a proactive backup and recovery solution in Salesforce or Dynamics 365 that’s both holistic and precise. Unlike other backup solutions, OwnBackup Recover is able to restore data down to the field level and is kept 100% independent of your production org and SaaS app altogether. 

Your backups are also encrypted in transit and at rest, anonymised, and tested regularly as a guarantee of quality and accessibility with the ability to set custom retention policies.

Protect and secure your sensitive data

OwnBackup has helped hundreds of financial institutions around the world protect critical data while maintaining compliance with increasingly complex regulations. 

With OwnBackup’s suite of products, you can satisfy many of the processes and solutions required by the Operational Resilience regulation. You’ll also have peace of mind that your important business service data stored in Salesforce is secured, unified, and preserved.

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