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Castlight Health Benefits from Data Protection and Storage Cost Savings with OwnBackup

Christie Clements
Product Content Marketer Specialist
April 4, 2023

The healthcare industry’s digital transformation is hard to ignore. Between patient portals, telemedicine, e-prescribing, and more, healthcare interactions are full of digital touchpoints–collecting highly sensitive healthcare information every step of the way. 

As healthcare data volume grows–along with companies’ and patients' dependence on it–so do data protection risks, both internally and externally. As a result, healthcare data is one of the most coveted types of data for threat actors, making data breaches, malware, ransomware, and other malicious attacks a regular occurrence. In fact, according to Check Point Research, healthcare was one of the three most attacked industries in 2022

Given its heavily regulated industry requirements, healthcare data loss or corruption can have serious consequences beyond just system downtime, including hefty compliance fees, legal repercussions, and reputational damage. For healthcare companies, data protection must be a proactive, consistent effort–for the well-being of their customers and their business. In this blog, learn how Castlight Health elevated its protection efforts and saved on storage costs with OwnBackup. 

How Castlight Health prioritizes healthy data

Founded in 2008, Castlight Health is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of healthcare. The San Francisco-based company offers millions of customers the industry’s most comprehensive navigation tool to unify employers, health plans, and partners in the quest for healthcare transparency. But, when it comes to navigating its  own data protection and storage limitations, Castlight Health couldn't go it alone. 

Castlight Health adopted Salesforce for its CRM needs and utilizes the platform in a multitude of ways. Trevor Williams, Lead Salesforce Administrator at Castlight Health, primarily focuses on how Castlight’s Support Center uses Service Cloud. The Support Center operates in-service 24/7, handling critical matters from technical support to customers’ medical needs. This means that even the slightest data loss or corruption could impact more than the health of their Salesforce orgs—it could impact the health of customers that depend on their services. 

As a result, Trevor entrusted OwnBackup to protect Castlight Health’s data with OwnBackup Recover. With daily, automated backups running behind the scenes, Trevor and his team have peace of mind that their Salesforce ecosystem is protected and preserved in the event of a data incident. And, should an incident occur, peace of mind can continue–knowing that they can recover their data in hours versus days or weeks (or at all).  

With the growing volume of data in the Salesforce production orgs, Trevor felt compelled to take further action to ensure Castlight’s data management success. Given their positive experience with OwnBackup Recover, Castlight Health enlisted OwnBackup Archive to help alleviate storage costs for both Sales and Service Cloud environments. With Archive, Castlight Health was able to release tens of millions of records off both platforms–saving Trevor and his team time, money, and tedious labor that comes with the manual archiving process. 

Keep pace with the future of healthcare with OwnBackup

Healthcare companies have enough important decisions and considerations to handle on a daily basis. Worrying about data protection and storage capabilities shouldn’t have to be one of them. OwnBackup has you covered. 

With Recover, your healthcare company can have peace of mind knowing that there is a robust backup and recovery plan in place should a data loss or corruption occur. With automated data backups, metadata, attachments, files, and more, Recover ensures the same level of protection extends to everything  important in your production org. 

In addition to Recover capabilities, Archive plays a pivotal role in healthcare data management. Archive allows users to safely and securely automate data archiving, freeing up the live production org and reducing storage costs. It also enables healthcare companies to meet industry and government regulations that require secure, immutable archives. 

In partnering with OwnBackup, Castlight Health prioritizes the health and wellbeing of their data and data environments. To learn more about Trevor’s experience with OwnBackup (and how much he saved on Salesforce storage costs with Archive), watch the Castlight Health Customer Video now

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