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OwnBackup at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2022

May 11, 2022

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2022 is around the corner! 

Join us at the annual event to explore how you can strengthen your SaaS security posture by understanding your data exposure risks—and proactively taking action to protect your data.

Mission-critical SaaS applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and ServiceNow are storing more sensitive information—yet information security and compliance teams often have little visibility and understanding of these systems. 

Learn how we can help you easily identify and mitigate SaaS vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could lead to breaches and regulatory fines. As a Platinum sponsor, we’ll be at booth 356 throughout the event, where you can schedule a 1:1 demo and get to know our products.

Here’s a preview of what we have planned:

Attend our session

Take a proactive approach to fortifying your SaaS environments. Learn how to intuitively assess your risk surface, understand the sensitivity of the data you hold, and identify vulnerabilities across security controls.

The CISO’s Guide to Reducing SaaS Data Security Risks
Date: Friday, June 10, 2022
Time: 11:15am11:45am ET

Schedule a 1:1 demo

If you’re attending, we’d love to connect with you! Meet 1:1 with an OwnBackup expert to dive deeper into SaaS data protection.

OwnBackup helps InfoSec and IT teams secure and protect sensitive SaaS data. Find out how you can:

  • Assess risk and strengthen your security posture
  • Identify and fix misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • Discover and classify sensitive data
  • Ensure compliance with ever-evolving regulations

Click here to schedule time with us at the event!


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