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5 Reasons To Back Up Your ServiceNow Data

Mike Melone
Content Marketing Manager
March 22, 2022

As organizations continue to move processes to the cloud, platforms that help support these initiatives have become increasingly popular—and important—to companies of all sizes and across all industries. 

One example is ServiceNow, which is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations to quickly and efficiently digitize workflows and run them at scale. Focusing on digitizing processes, ServiceNow creates efficiencies across the business to provide better visibility across the entire enterprise.

Since these platforms have become so integral to a business’s every day operations, it’s important that the data that resides in them remains secure and protected. To that end, here are five reasons why you should back up your ServiceNow data.

1. You are responsible for the data loss and corruption you create

Many companies assume that just because their data is in the cloud, it’s automatically protected. The truth is though, most SaaS applications and platforms like ServiceNow require shared responsibility for keeping data safe. 

Like most SaaS platforms, ServiceNow’s data centers and cloud-based infrastructure are designed to be highly available with redundant components and multiple network paths to avoid a single point of failure. However, while you can count on ServiceNow to ensure the security and integrity of the platform, you as a customer are responsible for the data you put into the platform, and who you allow to access it.

2. Accelerate digital transformation

The adoption of digital technology is the top priority for businesses looking to automate operational procedures and become leaner. One of the best methods to automate and forecast business processes while fueling digital transformation is using a modern workflow automation platform like ServiceNow.

A comprehensive backup and recovery strategy adds value to your digital transformation initiatives by eliminating the administrative burden and excess expense of managing your company’s data recovery process. This allows you to innovate with confidence on the Now Platform with peace of mind that your data is safe and sound.

3. Minimize business disruptions

In our annual report, the State of SaaS Data Protection, three out of four respondents of one sample group—those aware of their organization’s responsibilities—suffered a data loss or corruption incident in the last 12 months.

The three most common causes of data loss reported by respondents:

  • Cyberattacks, such as ransomware
  • Human error, such as accidentally mass deleting records
  • Unanticipated consequences of integrating applications

A data loss or corruption in ServiceNow doesn’t just impact the IT team. It could have significant repercussions on the entire company's day-to-day departmental operations. Whenever your data is unavailable to your employees, integrations, or applications, numerous departments of your business can grind to a halt, which could cause you to lose customers, revenue, and more. Your organization needs to be able to recover as quickly as possible to maintain business continuity.

4. Maintain compliance with industry regulations

Comprehensive backup and recovery are key compliance requirements of many governmental and industry regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and SEC 17a-4. Non-compliance with these regulations can lead to serious consequences, including fees, notification costs, reputational damage, and lost business.

5. Have peace of mind during development

One of the reasons the Now platform is so popular is that it’s built to integrate with every facet of the business. But what happens if a new development fails, like configuring an integration, and data is lost in the process?

That’s why it’s critical to have a backup solution in place before, during and after making these changes. It’s important to establish a baseline before any changes are made, roll back any changes during the process, and capture all of the daily activity after the new development.

Protect your ServiceNow data with OwnBackup

While ServiceNow provides industry-leading workflow management solutions, they do not have the same expertise when it comes to backup and recovery. While ServiceNow's native backup and recovery can protect you against data loss or corruption at the instance level, they do not provide granular control, proactive alerts, and access to your backup data. Also, there is no way to compare data natively so ServiceNow admins and managers might not realize data is missing until it's too late. 

That’s where OwnBackup can help. If you’re currently running ServiceNow, our no-cost pilot will show you how to easily search, find and recover your data. 

By joining, you’ll get:

  • Data backup and restore services for the ServiceNow Platform 
  • All-access, white-glove support from our Product team
  • The opportunity to influence our products to better suit your data protection needs

Join our pilot program

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