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Five Challenges Enterprises Face with Their Data Backup Solutions

November 15, 2021

For most companies, data is the lifeblood of the organization. Its loss or compromise would significantly affect their ability to do business. By backing up their data, companies can have peace of mind that their data is protected against loss and theft, while shrinking costs and simplifying compliance. 

However, not all backup solutions are created equal, and traditional backup techniques may no longer be sufficient for growing companies. 

Here are five issues you may encounter with your current backup solution and how to tackle them. 

1.) Protecting greater volumes of data

The growth of SaaS CRM correlates to the massive influx of data flowing into businesses. The digitization of business processes paired with advancements such as cloud computing, IoT, AI, machine learning, mobile devices, ecommerce, social channels, and others are increasing the volume and velocity of data at unprecedented rates.

IDC estimates the volume of data will grow from 33 zetabytes in 2018 to 175 zetabytes in 2025 (an increase of 142 trillion gigabytes). IDC also forecasts 49% of the newly created data will be in public cloud environments by 2025. 

With OwnBackup, you can back up any number of production orgs or sandboxes, regardless of their complexity or size. With unlimited storage and 99 year retention, you will always have the backups you need on hand. You can also take advantage of on-demand backups and full org backups that run on schedule to safeguard massive amounts of data. 

2.) Securing more types of data

It’s crucial to have complete enterprise backup solutions that protect both data AND metadata. If you’re not backing up your metadata, putting the relationships between your data back in place can become a painstaking process. For example, if the metadata that describes your fields and objects is lost or corrupted, you won't be able to restore lost records to those fields and objects.

At OwnBackup, we make backing up and recovering both data and metadata easy. Customers can back up complete copies of data and metadata including standard and custom objects, chatter feeds, knowledge articles, accounts, attachments, files and more.

3.) Following data compliance requirements

Recent security scandals at large tech companies and the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other similar regulations have forced stricter requirements on enterprise backup solutions. And if you work in a heavily regulated industry like finance and healthcare, there are additional regulations you must follow.

These rules require your business to follow specific retention requirements, presenting large enterprises with various challenges. Digitalization may make long-term data retention easier, but companies must preserve and protect more data to comply with regulations. 

Built with data protection and privacy as core tenets from its inception, OwnBackup can help you simplify compliance by easily responding to subject access requests, customizing data retention periods, and ensuring immutable backups for disaster recovery.

4.) Restoring specific data 

Most backup and recovery approaches are still stuck in the era of disaster recovery centered around infrastructure failures, making them ill-suited for the data management needs of an always-on, digital world. 

More modern, forward-thinking approaches to recovering from data loss and corruption  involve advances in system uptime, data monitoring, rogue change isolation, and valid data identification.

OwnBackup’s Precision Repair capabilities provide customers with a visual, interactive, and end-to-end experience that makes it easier than ever to identify and correct only the unwanted changes to your SaaS data. These restorations will not interfere with new information, and the data relationships remain unharmed no matter how deep they extend. 

5.) Accessing your data after an outage

Although the true impact of IT cloud outages can be difficult to measure because they often go unreported, downtime can cost enterprises up to $11,000 a minute, according to Evolven, a technology company that provides IT Operations Analytics solutions for enterprise businesses. 

While outages are inevitable, companies can and should take steps to mitigate the effects of these incidents and maintain business continuity. One of the most important ways companies can do this is by having a proactive backup and recovery solution that can be accessed independently of your SaaS provider’s platform. This reduces the risk of disruption should your SaaS provider suffer an outage, and provides a safe haven should something unthinkable like a ransomware attack occur.

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Contact us to learn more about protecting your SaaS data or schedule a customized 1:1 demo today. 

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