Fighting Bad Code and Bugs within Salesforce Production Environments

Lihod Rachmilevitch
Vice President, Customer Success
January 20, 2020

A Software Bug Goes Into a Production Bar

43% of developers spend up to 25% of their time debugging production app errors, according to a study by ClusterHQ. If you ask Salesforce developers or QA engineers why this happens, you’ll realize that most of the time, it’s to do with differing data sets in production versus the sandbox testing environments. They just don’t match.

That's Where Manual Data Replication Comes In

To overcome this challenge, Salesforce developers and QA engineers find themselves manually replicating data to sandbox testing environments. Usually this involves multiple .CSV data exports, movement, and upload steps, expending precious time on an often complex and error-prone process.

With such a long replication process to go through, it's no wonder replication is skipped altogether by so many developers and admins.

How OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding Simplifies the Process

Anyone who is developing new capabilities and testing them before they get to the production environment will benefit from the automated test data replication, or sandbox seeding provided by OwnBackup. Typically, with software development, it’s a combination of the developers and the QA engineers that want to test new features or integrations to other products who will appreciate the benefits afforded by sandbox seeding: fewer errors and less test preparation time. With Salesforce, admins should also test before they release new functionality into production. These may include reports, dashboards, smart workflows, and validation rules.

OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding makes it easy to populate a Salesforce sandbox with your perfect, anonymized test data set in minutes. This means shorter development and QA cycles, with sized-to-fit, more-relevant data.

We came up with this great capability after listening to our customers as they described their data management pain. When we heard again and again about bugs making it into production and the pain of testing everything, we knew it was time to start building a replication capability. We knew we could help every Salesforce administrator, developer and QA engineer by making it fast and easy for them to test anything and everything.

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Original Publication: December 28, 2016
Post updated on January 20, 2020.

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