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Benefits of Using a Managed Cloud Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Mike Melone
Content Marketing Manager
June 16, 2022

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are solutions that companies use to drive their businesses forward. Enterprises who deploy these tools can take advantage of intelligent automation to build client relationships, operationalize strategies, and increase overall efficiencies with stakeholders.

Consequently, if the data in these systems is lost or compromised, it could be catastrophic for organizations that rely on it. That’s why it’s essential for businesses to have backup and recovery solutions in place when things go wrong.

But no two backup solutions are the same, as things like storage size, costs, automation, and other factors will vary. In this blog, we explain what a managed backup service is, and why they are an ideal solution for organizations looking to protect their Dynamics 365 and Power Platform data.

What are managed backup services?

A managed backup solution relies on a third-party managed service provider (MSP) to create and store backups of your data, typically using cloud managed backup technology to secure your files offsite. Below are some of the main benefits of using an MSP to handle your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform data backup needs.

Benefits of managed backup services

Backups are stored offsite

One of the biggest advantages of an MSP is that your data is stored offsite. To ensure business continuity during unexpected events, it’s been a long-standing technology best practice that your backups be kept separate from your production data. 

Even though Microsoft is one of the most reliable SaaS applications out there, outages can happen. By storing your backups with an MSP, your data will still be accessible in the event of an outage, allowing you to maintain continuity. 

Meet security and compliance requirements

For many companies, having managed, offsite backups of your data is essential to meeting IT compliance and security requirements, as well as various external regulations.

Storing backup files on network attached storage is risky, particularly because many cyber threats are often designed specifically to seek out network attached storage as a vector to enable its spread. This risk has been magnified more recently as organizations may have opened up permissions quickly in order to enable remote work and a more flexible workforce in general. 

Support with recovery

Outsourcing your Dynamics backup needs to a third-party provider means you will have a dedicated team overseeing your backups. Many third-party providers have capabilities to proactively detect any unusual changes to your data, and notify you so you can take action. If your data is lost or compromised, providers will likely have a customer support team assist you in recovering any lost files and restoring your systems to normal.

Frees internal resources

While managing your Dynamics and Power Platform backups in house might seem like a more affordable solution at first, the opportunity cost can be high, since overseeing data backups can pull staff off of more impactful projects. If a data loss does occur, trying to put the pieces back together of what data was lost-and when- can be extremely difficult and time consuming. 

By partnering with a managed backup service provider, you can free your IT staff from managing data backups so they can focus on other priorities.

Protect your data with OwnBackup

OwnBackup is one such MSP that companies can deploy to backup their data on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. 

OwnBackup’s state-of-the-art data protection services were built from the ground up to proactively improve data security, protection, and restoration. Companies that use Dynamics 365 and Power Platform backup services can take full advantage of OwnBackup’s SaaS data protection tools to protect their data from unwanted access, theft, or destruction. OwnBackup’s Dynamics 365 and Power Platform backups are safe, disaster-ready, and quickly recoverable. 

Find out more about how you can manage your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform backups with OwnBackup.

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