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Accidental Salesforce Data Loss and Corruption Horror Stories

Julia Salem
Senior Content Marketing Manager
October 28, 2019

Data loss and corruption is scary. So much so that most would prefer to never have to think about it. Nonetheless, every company should be aware of their data loss and corruption risk year round. That’s why in honor of Halloween, we’ve decided to further dive into this topic with some Accidental Data Loss and Corruption Horror Stories and how OwnBackup Smart Alerts can help you quickly recover from them.

To start, let me tell you the story about “The Inattentive Vendor”... 

ABC Corp’s long-time system integrator (SI) recently hired a new Salesforce admin to work within ABC’s org. This SI had been highly reliable for years, but even the best of us can have a bad day. The SI’s new admin accidentally overwrote the Static Resource on seven records within ABC Corp’s production org. Luckily, ABC Corp had OwnBackup Smart Alerts set up, which notified them of the data modification.

For more examples of how real life data loss and corruption happens, watch these spooky Data Loss Horror Story videos. Be warned...what you’re about to watch may not be for the faint of heart.

From enterprise-wide digital transformation projects to routine day-to-day administration, thousands of data loss and corruption horror stories like this one happen every day.

So, how do you know you’ve never lost or corrupted data?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many Salesforce data loss and corruption alert systems in existence. The most common way Salesforce admins learn about data loss or corruption incidents is through users or management. This is dependent on the user searching for data and discovering it’s not there. It could take weeks or even longer for the user to realize data is missing. Even worse, the further you get from the data loss event, the more difficult it will be to reconstruct, especially once it’s no longer in your Recycle Bin. Depending on your backup and recovery method, you may end up rolling back to point in time, which puts your organization at high risk of overwriting good new data with old data.

Leverage OwnBackup Smart Alerts For Proactive Data Management

When it comes to user-inflicted data loss and corruption, you need to have a proactive strategy. YOU should be the first one to know about a data loss, not one of your users. That’s where OwnBackup Smart Alerts comes in to help you more quickly respond to data loss and corruption incidents.

Specific scenarios during which OwnBackup Smart Alerts helps businesses maintain business continuity include, but are not limited to the following.

  • A user uploads 1,000 records without approval.
  • An integration goes haywire and deletes every case.
  • An admin accidentally changes every account owner to themselves.
  • Metadata profile and permission sets were incorrectly changed.

Get notified proactively with OwnBackup Smart Alerts when your data has been added, changed, or removed.

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