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5 Reasons OwnBackup Should Be Included in Your Salesforce ISV Technology Stack

Atida Bakst
Digital Marketing Specialist
February 25, 2019

In Salesforce’s Unilever is a Trailblazer video, Jane Moran, Global CIO at Unilever, spoke about what it means to be a Trailblazer in an evolving technology environment. According to Moran, “technology has allowed us to disperse power amongst people, putting the power of technology into the hands of the people that use it.” She explained how working in tandem with Salesforce has allowed Unilever to create a one-on-one connection with customers and to switch from a project-based approach to a platform-based approach.

This constant emphasis on growth through technology enables Unilever to continue leading the manufacturing competitive landscape. Technology supports all aspects of Unilever’s operations and customer experience. Salesforce helps Unilever leverage technology to deliver value to the 2.5 billion customers who use Unilever products every single day.

Much like Moran, your IT department is likely tasked with reducing complexity and cost, while driving business growth and exceeding customer expectations. A solid Salesforce data protection strategy is critical to accelerating your organization’s growth and preventing data loss incidents that may initiate organizational decline.

Let’s explore five reasons OwnBackup should be included in your Salesforce ISV technology stack.

1. Reduce IT Costs by Proactively Protecting Salesforce Data

One OwnBackup customer, Multnomah County, Oregon, experienced the cost of user-inflicted data loss and corruption firsthand. After archiving unneeded data, they proceeded to delete that data from Salesforce. Three days later, Multnomah County’s IT team realized that they still needed the data. Having never recovered data using Salesforce Weekly Export, they ran an online search to understand the steps involved and fortunately found OwnBackup’s 7 Steps to Restoring Lost Data Using Salesforce Weekly Export e-book.

It took 80 hours over 5 weeks to restore the lost data using the Weekly Export files...that’s a full two weeks of one employee’s time spent on recovering data! After this experience, they called OwnBackup and ultimately became an OwnBackup customer.

Budgetary limitations are often a barrier for many IT departments. If you are not prepared, the cost of a data loss could cause unplanned expenses that may exceed your allocated budget. The IT departmental costs directly associated with Salesforce data recovery include:

  • $10,000 Data Recovery service fee from Salesforce if no backups were made before the data loss or corruption incident.

  • Labor costs allocated to an unplanned data recovery project and potential overtime paid to your employees to help you identify and recover data that went missing from the .CSV files provided by Salesforce Weekly Export or Salesforce Data Recovery service.

  • Consultant fees to help you identify and recover data that went missing from the .CSV files provided by Salesforce Weekly Export or Salesforce Data Recovery service.

OwnBackup reduces IT costs in a variety of ways. First of all, OwnBackup is a self-service solution that does not require consultants or third-party implementation. In addition to avoiding setup fees, OwnBackup does not charge consulting fees when your data needs to be restored or managed. In the event of a user-inflicted data loss, OwnBackup ensures your company will avoid the high cost of recovering lost data by automatically backing up your data every day, proactively alerting you right when a data loss incident occurs, and rapidly enabling you to recover in just a few clicks.

2. Increase Operational Efficiency by Ensuring Every Department Has Access to the Data They Need

A user-inflicted data loss or corruption doesn’t just impact the IT team. It could have massive repercussions on the entire company's day-to-day departmental operations.

  • Sales and marketing may not know which lead to reach out to next, closing up potential revenue opportunities.

  • Customer service may no longer have the correct customer information, which could frustrate customers and potentially cause them to leave for a competitor.

  • Finance may not know which customers owe money, causing the company to miss out on collecting expected revenue.

  • The C-suite may not have the correct data in their dashboards, leading to misinformed decisions and unintentional lying to the board, shareholders, and other company stakeholders.

With a heightened focus on increasing operational efficiency, numerous IT leaders are purchasing solutions that help to automate routine tasks, like data protection, so their employees have more time to focus on other projects.

By using OwnBackup, companies have the opportunity to automate and more efficiently protect their data, as well as reduce spending on data infrastructure, software, services, and compliance. With a comprehensive, automatic data backup and recovery solution, like OwnBackup, your entire company will benefit from increased data availability, reducing the costs of a data loss.

3. Minimize Business Risk by Reducing Your Chance of Critical Data Loss

Salesforce provides customers with the data protection they need; however, as with all SaaS solutions, there is a shared responsibility. Customers must protect their data from user-inflicted data loss or unauthorized access. That’s why OwnBackup has developed a comprehensive risk assessment model to help you learn and take action on your company’s overall data loss risk.

You may be surprised your results. In our recent OwnBackup Salesforce Risk Assessment Webinar, the majority of attendees, including companies with over 9,000 employees, scored at Extremely High/High risk.

After getting your OwnBackup Data Loss Risk Assessment score, you can run through the items in this checklist and action any you have not yet completed.

Minimizing business risk not only requires strict Salesforce user permission controls, but it also requires a comprehensive backup and recovery process requires the ability to backup both data and metadata daily, as well as the ability to find and recover quickly.

OwnBackup can help you protect your Salesforce platform through daily backups that support your customized compliance requirements, while also proactively managing your data and being able to visualize any data modifications. In the event of a data loss, you can recover lost or corrupted data faster, while maintaining relationships.

4. Maintain Compliance by Adhering to the Requirements of Pertinent Regulations

In 2016, ZenConnect, a full-service provider of networks and Wi-Fi infrastructures for B2B, middle-market companies, began preparing for GDPR enforcement. As part of their preparation, ZenConnect was on a mission to implement their extensive information systems on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Cloud products house almost all of their customers’ information, from customer contacts, customer names, and business information to methods of contact, insights, and ticketing information.

When they began implementing these systems, ZenConnect immediately noticed the criticality of having a comprehensive backup and recovery solution in place to protect this vital customer data. ZenConnect quickly partnered with OwnBackup to not only provide peace of mind in protecting its Salesforce data, but to also ensure they were meeting the strict demands of GDPR.

Comprehensive backup and recovery is a key compliance requirement of many governmental and industry regulations, including GDPR. Non-compliance with these regulations can lead to serious consequences, including fees, notification costs, reputational damage, and lost business.

ZenConnect chose OwnBackup as their data protection vendor because OwnBackup’s solution allowed them to modify and extract client data without violating GDPR. OwnBackup helps companies meet the fundamental compliance requirements with the help of their powerful backups, efficient Subject Access Request management, and customizable data retention.

OwnBackup also supports both HIPAA and SEC 17a-4 compliance within data backups.

5. Accelerate Digital Transformation by Setting Up a Solid Data Protection Foundation

Driven by the pursuit of new business models, additional revenue streams, and an improved customer experience, digital transformation has changed the way many organizations use the Salesforce platform. Various kinds of migrations and implementations using Salesforce could contribute to a digital transformation, including:

  • Migrating to Salesforce Lightning

  • Integrating Cloud Products or Third-Party Applications

  • Implementing or Maintaining Salesforce Shield

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

To avoid unexpected detours during these digital transformation projects, a solid Salesforce data protection foundation, like OwnBackup, is crucial.

OwnBackup Supports Your Company’s Growth Strategy

Incorporating a comprehensive data protection strategy shouldn’t be an afterthought. Rather, it should be established prior to a data loss or corruption incident to prevent permanent data loss, and should be instituted to both maintain compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape and to minimize the costs and risks of losing data.

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