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Blockchain Verify

Blockchain Verify Provides Irrefutable Evidence of Unchanged Backups.
Regulators across multiple industries require independent verification that the integrity of their backups is preserved. As a first in the Salesforce disaster recovery ecosystem, Blockchain Verify delivers that proof.
Blockchain Verify Accessed from Backup Page

Blockchain Verify Supports Regulatory Compliance

Salesforce customers in highly-regulated industries, or customers who are subject to evolving regulations, have strict audit and storage requirements. These customers must often be able to rapidly produce accurate records of transactions in their backups. OwnBackup helps you meet compliance and regulatory objectives for electronic storage, record-keeping, and backup integrity of regulated Salesforce records.

How Does Blockchain Verify Work?

Using the timestamp and the content of the original backup, OwnBackup generates a verified backup signature and index. This signature is then stored on public blockchain, which is a decentralized ledger and permanent record facility.

If the backup is modified, the original backup signature will no longer be producible using the combination of the current backup content and the original timestamp. The ability to produce the same backup signature and easily access non-modified backups is paramount in ensuring you have the evidence needed to support regulatory inquiries.

Confirm the integrity of Salesforce backups

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed database that keeps continuously growing lists of transaction records without holding actual files and without making copies. Blockchain technology goes well beyond cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and its decentralized nature is perfect for the prevention of tampering, revision, and malicious editing.

Through Blockchain Verify, the integrity of backup files can be irrefutably and independently confirmed by OwnBackup, or any third-party with authorized access to the blockchain.