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Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

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Resell and manage Backup and Recovery for your clients.
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Refer your customers to OwnBackup and receive a referral fee for each new customer.
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Ensure that your customers have access to the best in class SaaS Backup and Recovery solution for your product.

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Systems Integrators (SI)

Your customers see you as a trusted advisor and an expert in all things cloud. Whether you’re leading a project or serving as the outsourced system admin for your clients, you are the one rolling up your sleeves and working with their data. Integration of 3rd party applications, migrating orgs, deploying custom applications into an existing environment, mass uploads - the projects you work on - have a high potential for data loss and corruption even if you’re very careful.

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Most of the time you’re the hero, but when something goes wrong, fingers point at you. The only thing worse than losing a customer’s data is losing the customer.

Many of your clients may also have compliance requirements to keep an independent backup of their data or meet certain SLAs on RTO and RPO.

Gain data protection peace of mind by joining our partner program and ensuring that your clients are backed-up with OwnBackup. Extend your position as a trusted advisor by helping clients meet all of their backup, recovery and compliance requirements.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

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You offer clients a killer application that’s built on the Force.com platform. As a result you, and your clients benefit from the outstanding reliability, security and uptime that the platform offers. However, even with the support of the Force.com platform your clients are still vulnerable to some of the most common causes of data loss and corruption, such as accidental deletions, mass uploads gone wrong, malicious deletion/corruption caused by a disgruntled employee or hacker, and bugs in your developer’s code.

When data loss and corruption occurs, your clients will seek your help to recover their data.

OwnBackup will backup and restore standard and custom objects, and all of the complex relationships between objects. Recommending OwnBackup allows you to rest easy knowing that your client’s data is protected by the best Force.com backup and recovery solution on the market.