Accidental Deletion
33% of data loss in US occurs due to accidental deletion
Incorrect Overwriting
27% of data loss occurs due to overwriting of correct information with incorrect information
User Errors
70% of data loss can be attributed to user errors


OwnBackup for Non-Profits

Non-Profits are responsible for sensitive donor information, including personal details and credit card data. In addition, Non-Profit organizations are often at higher risk for reputational and financial damage if a data breach were to occur. Some specific regulations Non-Profits must comply with include PII, PCI DSS, and HIPAA if your Non-Profit handles protected health information.

OwnBackup Preserves Data for Regulatory Compliance

Unlimited storage helps OwnBackup clients comply with regulations by allowing them to retain and retrieve all their records for as long as they need to.

Screenshot of OwnBackup's backup Salesforce data for Non-Profits service
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“...OwnBackup simply offered the best solution, for the price, and least amount of on-going maintenance... The security of the back-ups and the simplicity of the automation definitely allows us to sleep well at night!"

Mark Kaech
Arizona State University

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“Very pleased to have found and tested recovery with this tool... You will appreciate the amazing value of this tool... Glad to have it as part of our updated Business Continuity Plan.”

Doug Pauley
Pauley Financial

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“...The OwnBackup product is exceptional and exactly what I had been hoping to find... Kudos to your team, you have developed an outstanding product.”

Paul Harrington
Independent Health

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