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Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals


OwnBackup for Healthcare Security and Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical organizations have unique challenges when it comes to SaaS data protection. Enterprises working on SaaS platforms, such as Salesforce and Veeva, are advised to devise a data backup and recovery strategy to protect data from any unwarranted loss.

OwnBackup helps healthcare organizations securely backup their SaaS data, and in case a loss or corruption occurs, completely restore data, metadata, and attachments.


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Complete Backups and Fast Recovery

To protect customer information and remain compliant with HIPAA and other regulations, healthcare organizations require a complete backup and recovery solution. While SaaS providers do protect data from major outages, they do not guard against accidental data loss or corruption. OwnBackup helps organizations of all sizes backup and recover data, metadata, and attachments in minutes. Implementing OwnBackup is simple and fast. Most customers are up and running their first backup within an hour.

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Powerful, Cost-Effective Archiving

Healthcare regulations often require organizations to preserve large amounts of data so it can be referenced later or recovered if a data loss or corruption occurs. Storing massive amounts of data can become expensive and unwieldy. OwnBackup offers unlimited backup storage and retention so healthcare organizations can maintain all of their backups in one place for as long as they need to. Where needed, users can limit the retention of data in order to meet privacy regulations. Manage archived data more efficiently with easy-to-use label, search, filter, and retain features. 

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Smart Alerts

Most healthcare compliance regulations require organizations to keep track of data changes. OwnBackup Smart Alerts empower healthcare administrators to know when data is changed, deleted, or corrupted, based on their preset rules or artificial intelligence-based case tracking. Alerts are sent to the administrator daily so that no data loss or corruption goes unnoticed.

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Visual Data Change Identification and Comparison

When a user discovers a Salesforce data loss or corruption, healthcare administrators are not always sure where or how the data was lost. OwnBackup’s visual graphs help administrators immediately identify data additions, modifications, and deletions. This significantly reduces Recovery Time Objective (RTO), the amount of time data is inaccessible. Another tool healthcare administrators can use to identify lost or corrupted data is OwnBackup Compare. This tool helps administrators review snapshots of data and metadata side-by-side to quickly find any suspect modifications. 

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Enterprise-Grade Security

Global healthcare companies have stringent security requirements that must comply with both internal and external regulations. OwnBackup often exceeds these with its advanced security capabilities, including data encryption in transit and at rest and integration with single-sign-on for an additional layer of security. OwnBackup is working in accordance with both the HIPAA and HITECH regulations. For customers who process Patient Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information, OwnBackup is able to enter into a Business Associate Agreement. OwnBackup runs on a dedicated and a physically separated environment for HIPAA customers. 

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Advanced Key Management

Today’s healthcare enterprises bear higher data protection liability and business risk than ever before. Increasingly, stricter and more comprehensive enterprise security policies are mandated to protect organizational assets and privacy. Compliance pressure internally and from external sources can change constantly. For many healthcare organizations, maintaining a comprehensive encryption key management system is essential for protecting data in the cloud. OwnBackup’s Advanced Key Management helps healthcare organizations generate, rotate, and revoke their own master encryption keys for comprehensive enterprise security compliance. 

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Independent Application for Business Continuity 

Disaster recovery plans are key to keeping patient data available when systems fail. OwnBackup helps reduce RTO and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), the amount of data lost, by allowing healthcare companies to have a reliable turnaround plan for a quick restore in case of an accidental data loss or corruption. If a rare disaster occurs that impacts your SaaS provider, OwnBackup can be accessed independently and offsite, so your data backups will never be inaccessible.