athenahealth protects over 180 million Salesforce records with OwnBackup

“Thanks to OwnBackup, we had proper backup in place, and were able to quickly compare environments and roll back. OwnBackup’s scalable solution provides us with unlimited backups and data retention for two years, which is important for us in order to comply with SOC1 and any other regulations.”


Anil Kodali, Salesforce Architect at athenahealth


(1) Automated backups provide confidence in an environment of regulatory compliance

(2) Comprehensive recovery tools mitigate risk and prevent data loss

(3) Easy comparison of data and metadata speed up project delivery and minimize downtime

(4) OwnBackup in action


over 180 Million

over 950


Watertown, MA USA



athenahealth required a dynamic, efficient and effective tool to backup its business-critical Salesforce data and metadata. Salesforce’s out-of-the-box options were simply not a feasible for the business requirements. By using OwnBackup for Salesforce, athenahealth gained a unique and comprehensive set of tools to recover from Salesforce data loss that proved its value shortly after implementing. OwnBackup’s ease of use, frequent backup schedule, visibility tools, and quick and comprehensive data roll-backs have proven to be winning features for athenahealth.


In Action: OwnBackup secures millions
of records, prevents data corruption

Ease of use, visibility into data corruption and changes, backup status reports, and easy data restore have proven to be key features in OwnBackup’s solution. Additionally, it has driven operational efficiencies, freeing athenahealth’s CRM team from managing backups to turn their focus onto value-added Salesforce development activities.

Shortly after the customer support team went live with Service Cloud, athenahealth’s CRM team ran a major update on the Salesforce environment and accidently updated thousands of records with data that was out of date. Luckily, the corruption was spotted in time, and using OwnBackup, the team was able to easily identify the corrupted records and restore the correct data: