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OwnBackup API


OwnBackup API (Application Programming Interface) allows customers to integrate OwnBackup processes, such as starting a backup, with external systems through API calls, eliminating the need for users to log in to the OwnBackup web application.

Avoid user-inflicted data loss and corruption by automating system release, upgrade, and backup scripts. Speed the process of moving data to SQL or .CSV files. Streamline operations by integrating OwnBackup log files into enterprise monitoring systems.


Speed Development Operations

Integrate OwnBackup with your current release management tools and development operations.  Build automatic before and after backups into your system upgrade and release processes and scripts.

Automate Data Portability

Export your backup files automatically to a variety of databases. Expose Salesforce data to on-premise applications, BI systems, and analytics tools. 

Streamline Enterprise Operations

Conserve Salesforce API calls by presenting data through the OwnBackup API instead of through multiple direct calls to the Salesforce API. Reduce the number of applications integrated through the Salesforce API.

Enhance Security Monitoring*

Pull OwnBackup audit logs automatically into your monitoring systems.* 

*Included in a future release.