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OwnBackup for Administrators

Save Time on Backups

OwnBackup Save Time on Backups Icon

OwnBackup automatically backs up all of your environments several times every day, so you can have peace of mind without the hassle.

Identify Data and Metadata Changes

OwnBackup Identify Data Icon

Alerts and Graphs help you spot problems before they start so you can save the day before anyone notices there was a problem.

Recover Quickly in the Event of a Data Loss

OwnBackup Recover Quickly Icon

OwnBackup helps you recover data in mere minutes while maintaining all parent-child relationships.

Transfer Test Data into Your Sandbox Environments

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Keep your Developers happy by easily migrating data and metadata between production and sandbox environments with only a few clicks.

Develop Complex Snapshot Reports

OwnBackup Develop Complex Spanshot Icon

OwnBackup provides Administrators with easy-to-understand, visual reporting that shows changes in data over time so you can provide both high-level and granular reporting to your team.